First shots fired from new MoH

After bringing younews of the latest installmentin the Medal of Honor series, named Vanguard, we've now managed to uncover the first screens from this PS2 and Wii-bound WWII shooter.

So if it is visual confirmation you crave then take a look at the shot below, but if you want to feast on facts, then keep reading...

Above: EA hasn't said if these shots are from the PS2 or Wii version

Matt Sentell, senior producer at EA's LA development team, is the man with the details: "Medal of Honor Vanguard features a strong storyline told in classic MoH fashion," he explains. Adding, "We are really excited to offer this game both on PS2 and Wii, which will allow fans to experience MoH in a completely new way." As for the challenge of embracing the Wiimote instead of thumbsticks, the team confidently expects Medal of Honor Vanguard to "take full advantage of Wii's one-of-a-kind controller."

December 21, 2006