First screens of Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare DLC

Yesterday, we made no secret of our pants-pissing enthusiasm for Red Dead’s Undead Nightmare DLC pack headed to PS360 later next month. Today we’re getting a glimpse of the horrific new singleplayer events in action, and good God… If that zombified teaser image of John Marstonbelowhad you at half mast, you’ll be at full salute after looking at the screenshots below.

Above: Contrary to the speculation overyesterday's teaser image, it would appear John Marston is alive and relatively well

Above: The closest we've gotten to a confirmed singleplayer mission or goal: PROTECT BRAIN

Above: Does a rapidly decaying horse count as a new weapon? "He cayn't die, but he don't listen fer spit!"

We still have very little details on the events and mission found in Undead Nightmare. Luckily, it looks like new gameplay details, as well as a new trailer, are headed our way before the week’s end. Stay tuned, pardners!Click hereto see today's zombie-rific shots enlarged.

Sep 29, 2010