Red Dead Undead DLC art rots the brain

Extra multiplayer modes are all well and good, but the upcoming Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC featuring all new singleplayer campaign objectives that just so happen to center around F***ING ZOMBIES is, without a doubt, the one to get for RDR fans holding out on the expansions. Oh, you thought all those quiet graveyards were there to give you some comfort for your murderous misdeeds? Psssh! It's looking more likely that they were breeding grounds for an all new enemy. Peep the fantastic new art Rockstar released to today:

Above: John Marston%26hellip; is that you?!

Ata relatively low cost of $10, players are of course getting the now standard new weaponry and eight new playable multiplayer characters. However, it%26rsquo;s all the other bulletpoints the remain much higher cause for serious intrigue:

-ZOMBIE ANIMALS (How do you hunt what%26rsquo;s already dead?!)
-NEW DYNAMIC EVENTS (The F***ing Zombie Apocalypse!!)
-A BRAND NEW SECRET LOCATION (Heaven?! We hope%26hellip;)

Either way, I think this is the DLC pack we%26rsquo;ve all been waiting for, as it looks like the single-player stuff Rockstar does best, set in a world completely altered from the one we all fell in love with lastMay.Giddy, that%26rsquo;s the word I%26rsquo;m looking for! I can%26rsquo;t stop thinking about the ending to San Andreas, only exponentially more violent *SQUEE!*

Sep 28, 2010