First look at James McAvoy on set of X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Bryan Singer’s steady stream of on-set images from X-Men: Days Of Future Past continues apace, with James McAvoy the latest to make an appearance.

The young Professor Xavier can be seen sporting a rather loud shirt and shoulder-length hair, about as far-removed from his suit-clad, chrome-domed older self as could be imagined.

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Meanwhile, the rumour mill is buzzing with word of another old face returning for action, with reports claiming that James Marsden’s Cyclops will be making an appearance in the new film.

A former Newsday journalist (opens in new tab) spotted Marsden sitting next to Halle Berry on a flight to Montreal where the film is currently shooting. Whether this means Cyclops will be resurrected is a matter of conjecture, but it does seem something of a coincidence if not...

Directed by Singer and co-starring Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Peter Dinklage, X-Men: Days Of Future Past will open in the UK on 18 July 2014.

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