First image: Team Ico's PS3 game

The first image of Team Ico's much-anticipated PS3 debut has appeared on the internet - though it's just a bit of a tease.

The image, which could be either an in-game pic or artwork, shows lots of detailed stonework surrounding a gigantic chain. The only thing of interest, in fact, is that Team Ico's fantastic artistry thankfully seems to be intact.

It appeared on the dev team's updated recruitment page, which is advertising for planners, animators, artists and effects designers for the Shadow of the Colossus developer's next game.

We expect to (hopefully) see more of Team Ico's PS3 offering at next month's GDC in San Francisco. After the stunning Ico and Shadow of the Colossus quests, we can't wait to see what this mysterious title has in store.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jan 24, 2008