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First image of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man online

Only days ago Andrew Garfield was snapped on set of the Spider-Man reboot, but he was in his Peter Parker garb then.

Now the first official shot of the actor in the Spidey suit has hit the web, and it looks pretty impressive…

Garfield's slight frame lends itself to the fact that this redo is going back to Parker's younger days at high-school.

The trademark red-and-blue suit is instantly recognisable, though it's had some subtle design upgrades.

For starters, the material looks to have a tougher, more rubbery texture than the lycra number that Maguire donned, and there's less emphasis on the webbing.

The colours appear a little darker, but that could be down to the lighting of the shot, and there's less red on the torso.

This image makes it look as if Parker has taken a bit of a battering, but the context of the scene is currently a mystery.

Also impressive? Garfield seems to have got the angst teen look down pat.

The Marc Webb directed 3D reboot is due to hit cinemas in summer 2011.