First image from Ironclad

Size, dear readers, does matter. Here is James Purefoy with an example;

[See it screen-defyingly large ]

Not meaning to make anyone blush here, but we can't take our eyes off it - It's so, well, huge!

The Dirk Diggler of broadswords being casually heft by Jimmy P is a co-star of Ironclad , a medieval actioner about a group of Knights Templar defending Rochester Castle from King John (Paul Giamatti), who is, by all accounts, a bit of a dick.

Other news outlets have reported the film as a medival take on The Seven Samurai , but we're gonna go one further and say it's sort of a dark age spin on The Magnificent Seven. Now that's insight.

Ironclad is due out later this year, and stars everybody, literally, from Dickie Attenborough to Bobby Carlyle, Derek Jacobi to Bob Hoskins, Jason Flemyng, Mackensie Crook and Pete 'I'm in everything' Postelthwaite.

If you aren't in it, check the credits, your name is probably there somewhere.

[Source: EmpireOnline ]

So, readers - Ironclad? or Iron er... bad?