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First Green Lantern footage online

The very first footage of Martin Campbell's Green Lantern has finally hit the web.

Entertainment Tonight will be previewing footage from the much-anticipated superhero movie on Tuesday night, and they've put a 30-second teaser reel online which you can check out below.

Yes, it's basically a trailer for a trailer, but there is plenty on display within this brief spot. For starters, there's actual footage of Ryan Reynolds in the fully-CGI costume (something Comic-Con audiences were denied) and you get glimpses of Blake Lively and another Lantern.

Well, it's an admittedly brief glimpse, and there's still plenty of time to sort out the visual effects, but we're not 100% sold on the suit just yet. We'll reserve judgment until we see the full trailer.

Reynolds however, looks as perfectly-suited as we expected to the role of cocky pilot Hal Jordan.

You'll have to wait until next summer to see Green Lantern , but expect a fuller trailer to hit the web shortly after it debuts on ET.

Source: Collider

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