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First clip from Bunny and the Bull online

Writer/Director Paul King is the man behind The Mighty Boosh, and has roped in Boosh stars Noel Fielding and Julien Barratt to appear in his feature debut, the highly anticipated Bunny and the Bull .

The film, which gets it's UK debut at the London Film Festival later this month, concerns an agoraphobic young man (Stephen Hogg) who takes a road trip inside his apartment based on memories and mementoes of a European trip years before.

The hilarious clip below features Julien Barratt as a homeless type suckling on the teat of the canine variety. Enjoy (courtesy of slashfilm);

The look of the film is already drawing comparisons to Gondry, and if the substance can match the style, then the film promises to be top of the crop of Brit films this year.

Bunny and the Bull will be released 27 November to joys and rapturous fanfare, and keep an eye out for our LFF reaction.

Bunny and the Bul l? Or Bunny and the Bullshit? You decide.