Final Fantasy XIII-2's next DLC brings back Sazh

Square Enix has announced the next DLC pack for Final Fantasy XIII-2, titled Sazh: Heads or Tails?. Due at the end of the month (Feb 28 on Xbox, one day later on the PS3), the pack adds an extra chapter to the game, featuring FFXIII's Sazh Katzroy in a story that runs parallel to the main game's events. Once the chapter's been completed, Sazh can be added to fight alongside your FFXIII-2 party.

The pack, priced at 400 MSP/$4.99, is the first added episode for the game: previously-announced Lightning and Master Sergeant Amodar pack added new characters and battle scenarios, but not much adventuring per se. The download also adds two new card games – Chronobind and Serendipity Poker – to the game's Casino. Also announced for later this month are some new character outfits, Noel's Spacetime Guardian gear and Serah's Beachwear. Both are priced at 240 MSP/$2.99.