Final Fantasy VIII Cards guide

After the Laguna sequence, you'll get on the train that serves as base 

for the Forest Owls. Save first (there's a save point up the stairs in 

the first room). Now challenge Watts to a game. This is the first time 

you'll change some rules.

When you challenge Watts, he will say, "Mr. Seed, you seem to know rules 

unfamiliar to this region. Let's play a game with Balamb's rules and 

ours, sir." This type of phrase is an invitation to mix rules. You'll see 

it everywhere you go in slightly different form when you travel from one 

region to another. Mixing rules is what changes rules. You'll either 

spread a rule, abolish a rule, or the rules will remain unchanged. Never, 

and I mean never ever, mix rules in areas that you've already fixed. 

Since Balamb's only rule is Open, you NEVER mix rules in Balamb. Have you 

ever played in Balamb with Open, then the next time you visited, the 

rules were Open and Random? This means that you mixed rules and Random 

spread to Balamb. If you're happy with the rules in a particular place, 

never, never mix. Always answer No to the above question. You may have to 

say No twenty times, but keep saying No and eventually the person you're 

challenging will quit asking. S/he will just ask to play cards. Never 

forget this.

In this case with Watts, we want to change the rules, so we must mix. 

When he asks to play with "Balamb's rules and ours," answer Yes. Now the 

mixed rules will appear: Open and Same (and whatever trading rule you're 

using). Instead of playing, choose Quit. After a hand or two, you should 

get the message "Open has spread to this region." If you don't get this 

message and Watts quits asking to mix the rules, then nothing happened, 

so reset and do it again. After you receive the message that Open has 

spread, you've successfully changed your first card rule. Go save. Now 

challenge Watts again and play him this time for the Angelo card.

Galbadia uses the Same rule. This means that when the numbers match on 

two or more sides of a card (the numbers are the same, thus the name), 

you'll turn the matching cards. Here's an example:

       2                           1

   7       3                   7       6 

       6                           4

   Turtapod                      Blitz

Turtapod's in the top-left corner; Blitz is in the top-right corner. If 

you place a Bomb card between them, you'll turn both cards.

       2    |    2    |    1

            |         |

   7       3|3       7|7       6

            |         |

       6    |    6    |    4

    Turtapod    Bomb     Blitz

Because the Bomb card matches the 3 on the left and the 7 on the right, 

it turns both other cards. This matching can be in a horizontal line (as 

above) or a vertical line. Most commonly, however, it will be a corner 


        2      |

               |                Balamb

Joker -> Centra

Club -> Dollet

Diamond -> Trabia

Spade -> Esthar

Heart -> FH

King -> Lunar

Adjust my advice as it best suits you. I abolish everything, but 

abolishing just Random and Plus everywhere is almost as effective. 

Elemental and Sudden Death are more annoying than dangerous, so just 

abolish based on your personal preferences.

When the Ragnarok lands, you'll be just outside the Kashkabald Desert. 

When Rinoa leaves, junction Enc-None and go out the way she did. We're 

going to start the Alien side quest now for the Pupu card (that blank 

space in your level 5 card list). Run around in the desert until you have 

an alien encounter - you'll see a spaceship carrying a pyramid (you won't 

have to fight). Now fly to Winhill (don't you love Ragnarok's auto-pilot 

feature?). With Enc-None still junctioned, run circles around the village 

until you see the spaceship go by with a cow. Save your game.

Enter Winhill from the end closest to the Desert Prison. You'll see two 

mercenaries standing there. We're going to start abolishing Centra's 

rules now. In case I haven't been clear enough before, I'll go 


Go to the first mercenary and press the square button to challenge him to 

a game.

He'll say, "You seem to know rules unfamiliar to this region. Let's play 

a game with Lunar's rules and ours."

Choose Yes.

The rules will appear:


Sudden Death


Same/Plus/Same Wall


Trade Rule: One

Choose Quit.

The guy tells me, "The Same Wall rule has spread to this region." That's 

not what I want, so I reset.

I go back and try again. Mix? Yes. Rules. Quit. This time, he tells me, 

"The Open rule has spread to this region." Great. I go outside and save.

I am now carrying Centra's rules. I abolished Random at Lunar Station, so 

I must use Centra's rules at Lunar Gate because I've already gotten rid 

of Random everywhere else. If you abolished Plus in space, you'll need 

Centra's rules, too. If you abolished Same in space, go to Timber and 

pick that up. If you abolished Elemental, go see Martine in FH to pick 

that up. Just keep saying No to mixing rules so that you will carry the 

rules of that region. Now that I'm carrying Random, I'll fly to Lunar 


At Lunar Gate, save outside then go in and challenge the girl standing on 

the right to cards.

She'll say, "I don't think those rules exist in this region. Let's play a 

game with Centra's rules and ours, O.K.?"

Say Yes.

When the rules appear, choose Quit.

On the first hand, she said, "The Random rule has spread throughout this 

region." No, no, no. Reset and go back in.

Challenge. Centra's rules and ours? Yes. Quit. This time, I get "The 

Elemental rule was abolished from this region."  Yes, yes, yes. Go 

outside and save.

Fly back to Winhill. Save outside. Go back to the same man.

Lunar's rules and ours? Yes. Quit.  "Same Wall has spread..." Reset.

Lunar's rules and ours? Yes. Quit.  "Same Wall has spread." Reset.

Lunar's rules and ours? Yes. Quit.  "Sudden Death has spread." Reset.

Lunar's rules and ours? Yes. Quit. "Sudden Death has spread." Reset.

At this point, I'm seeing a pattern I don't like, so I'm going to try a 

different rule. Often, your chances of knocking out a rule at a certain 

place are better if you're carrying only one different rule (just 

Elemental instead of Same Wall and Sudden Death). Sometimes you get lucky 

and knock one out right off, but it's not working, so I'll head to FH. If 

you've already abolished Sudden Death in FH, you're all set. Just 

challenge Martine when you land in FH. When he asks to play with Centra's 

rules and ours, say No. He asked me five times (though I have had players 

ask me as many as twenty times) - say no EVERY TIME. Eventually, he'll 

just say, "A game of cards you say?" Choose Yes and you've set FH as the 

rules you're carrying. Play or quit then head back to Winhill.

If you haven't abolished Sudden Death in FH yet, go to Timber and pick up 

Same. Now go to FH. Save your game at the railroad track first (you don't 

want to risk spreading Same). Now challenge Familiar Face #3 (the guy who 

doesn't like Squall) until you abolish Sudden Death. Timber's rules and 

ours? Yes. Quit. If you abolish Elemental, do it over. Keep on until 

Sudden Death is gone. Now you'll be carrying Open and Elemental. Head 

back to Winhill.

You know the drill. Save outside. Challenge the mercenary. FH's rules and 

ours? Yes. Quit. Nothing happened (no message), so I challenge him again. 

If he doesn't ask to mix rules this time, the rules remained unchanged, 

so you'll need to reset. If he does ask to mix, continue. Mix? Yes. Quit. 

Nothing happened. Mix? Yes. Quit. "Random was abolished from this 

region." Yes!! Go outside and save.

Return to FH and pick up Elemental from Martine (no, no, no to mixing).

Back to Winhill. DO NOT abolish Open and DO NOT spread Elemental. Reset 

if you get either of those messages. After several resets, I abolished 

Same this time. Now I can either get Elemental from Martine or Same from 

the guard in Timber to use for abolishing Plus (the last rule left in 

Centra). Once Plus is gone, Centra's rules have been reduced to Open. All 


With Open as Centra's only rule, you're now ready to play Edea (she uses 

Centra's rules) if you didn't previously. You won't have any trouble 

winning her card from her. If you missed Seifer previously, you can get 

him from Cid here, too. 

I always put the Edea card into my playing hand as soon as I get her. She 

would replace either Siren or Selphie (whichever you're using). This is 

completely subjective. I use Siren and Selphie interchangeably up to this 

point. I like Edea because she's impossible to turn (unless she gets 

caught up in a combo play, which we've eliminated with all those rules). 

Edea and Alexander make a wonderful combination. I always play Edea first 

in the bottom-left corner (my anchor card, if you will). Then when a 

player boxes in that top-left corner, I use Alexander. With a 9 on top, 

he can turn many cards that Seifer can't, and Edea provides protection to 

Alexander's vulnerable 4 on the bottom. Then I use Seifer to turn the 

next boxed-in card (if it happens to play out that way). This is just a 

matter of personal preference though. You need to use the cards you feel 

most confident in playing. My good friend, Vilurum, plays from the top 

down while I play from the bottom up. Your personal style of play will 

best dictate which cards you use.

Now, back to abolishing. Since I've already abolished Elemental in Lunar 

Gate, I'll return to Martine in FH to pick it up. He won't ask you to mix 

this time because you're only carrying Open. Just play a game with him, 

and you've got the rules. Just keep flying back and forth between FH and 

Lunar Gate until all the rules at Lunar Gate are gone. I know I've said 

it a million times, but I'll say it once more. Each time to go to Martine 

and he asks to mix Lunar rules with ours, say NO. Since I've already 

gotten rid of Random and Elemental, that leaves Sudden Death, Plus, Same, 

and Same Wall at Lunar Gate. If you knock out Same, you can forget Same 

Wall because it will no longer be enforced, so concentrate on eliminating 

Sudden Death, Plus, and Same.

Note on Same Wall: DO NOT abolish Same Wall in both Esthar and Lunar 

Gate. You can abolish either one, but don't abolish them both. You'll 

need the Same Wall rule in one of these places to get rid of the last 

rule in the world.

Once you've reduced the Lunar rules to Open, it's time to go get 

Alexander if you didn't get him in space. Fly past Tears' Point (be 

careful not to run into Lunatic Pandora), over the fence, to the end of 

that long stretch of land (the Abadan Plains). Land Ragnarok and just run 

around at the end of the peninsula until you hit the Lunar Crash Site. 

The location changes from game to game, but it's always in this general 

area. You can't see it, so you'll just run until you hit it. You will 

find Piet here beside the crashed escape pod. Take Alexander off his 


We've neglected the Queen of Cards for a long time. Now that you have 

Alexander, head to Dollet. Remember to save at the top of the stairs in 

the pub. Lose Alexander and make sure she's going to Balamb. If she says 

Galbadia, reset. Remember, too, that if she uses a trading rule you don't 

like (like Direct), quit and challenge her again to try and avoid 

spreading Direct where you are (the trading rule will be reflected with 

the CC memebers, too). I had to reset seven times this time to send her 

to Balamb, but she finally went.

Run down the street and retrieve Alexander from the queen's son. You 

might as well do the dog bone side quest now if you haven't before. Look 

at the bone on the painting then find the dog and look at the bone on his 

collar. You can do this three times for three items. While you can do 

this earlier in the game, the items are much better on Disc Three. The 

last item you get will be an Elixir, which you'll need for Pupu.

Now go to Timber. Park Ragnarok near the front gate then run up and over 

the railroad tracks to Mandy Beach (it's not far from the railroad tunnel 

there by the ocean). Run around on the beach until you have your third 

alien encounter. 

Save, then enter town and go to the pub.

Play cards with the bartender on the right (he's under that weird 

cat/woman sign). This man has the Doomtrain card (the one created from 

Alexander). I'll be honest - this guy can be a royal pain. He's very easy 

to beat, but he's unusually slow using the Doomtrain card. I usually have 

to play him upwards of twenty games before I ever see Doomtrain. Just 

keep at it. Doomtrain will eventually appear, and this card is definitely 

worth the trouble. At this point in the game, I'm using Seifer, Edea, 

Alexander, Ward, and Irvine. This will be my normal hand for the 

remainder of the game.

Now that you have Doomtrain, head to Balamb. Doomtrain is the last card 

that the queen wants. Save at the hotel, lose Doomtrain to the queen and 

make sure she's going to Dollet (she can't give her father the card if 

you let her go elsewhere). Reset until you send her to Dollet with 

Doomtrain. Now you go to Dollet. Get Doomtrain from the boy then stop in 

and speak to the queen about her artist father, and she'll tell you that 

the presidential aide in Esthar has the new card. This isn't strictly 

necessary, but it might speed up how soon the aide uses Phoenix when you 


At this moment, if you've abolished all the rules we've talked about, 

there are very few rules other than Open left in the world. You have 

Elemental in FH, Elemental and Same Wall in Esthar, maybe Same Wall at 

Lunar Gate, and Same in Galbadia. We're going to use Same/Same Wall to 

knock out Elemental.

Head to Timber and pick up Same from the guard. He won't ask to mix since 

you're carrying Open. Now fly to Esthar.

In Esthar, when you come out of the air station, you'll be at an 

intersection. Go up then straight ahead through the next screen. Continue 

straight to the right, and you should enter the screen with the 

presidential palace. Run past the palace to the right and you'll see a 

broken lift in the next screen. Junction Siren's Move-Find to see the 

save point. Save your game and return to the palace. Esthar is 

interesting because it has a hidden rule (Same Wall). Since Esthar 

doesn't have Same, Same Wall is not enforced, so it doesn't even show up 

in the rules when you play. It is still there, however, and you will 

carry it with you when you leave. Challenge the first guard to cards. Mix 

Galbadia's rules and ours? Yes. Quit. Play him until you abolish 

Elemental (if you didn't spread Open with Odine, you'll need to do that 

first, then head back to Timber for Same, then return to Esthar to knock 

out Elemental). Now go back and save again. 

Enter the palace and go see the presidential aide in that first room. You 

won't have any trouble winning Phoenix from him.

Congratulations! You've just completed the Queen of Cards quest.

Now that we've finished the queen's quest, you can send her other places 

if you need to. If the Direct trading rule is in force somewhere and you 

haven't been able to get something else to spread there from another 

region, try it with the queen. She has a specific location where you can 

find here in each region of the world:

Balmb: On the steps of the train station

Dollet: Upstairs in the Pub

Galbadia: In the Deling City Hotel

Trabia: In the Shumi Village Hotel

Esthar: In the presidential palace

FH: On the train tracks near the save point

Centra: In the Winhill Hotel (she's right beside the front door but you 

have to turn to the right into that main room or you can't see her)

Far, far away: At Lunar Gate (she's easy to miss, but she's standing 

inside the building, kind of in the back)

Let's say you've got Direct in Esthar and you can't get rid of it. We 

left the queen in Dollet. Go see her. To send her to a new location, you 

must lose a rare card (level 8-10). Just give her a card that you never 

use for playing or that you don't plan to mod (I use Minimog, but it 

doesn't matter which one you use). Ask her where she's going. If she says 

Galbadia. Let her go. 

Follow her to Deling City. You can play her until you win back Minimog or 

you can lose another card to her to speed it up. I don't know why, but in 

certain locations, it's almost impossible to win your card back. I once 

played her thirty games in Deling City, and she never once used the card 

I'd lost to her. In Centra, she used that same rare card on the very 

first hand. I don't know if this is random or not, but I have terrible 

trouble getting my cards back from her in Deling City. 

A rare card must change hands for the queen to move (whether you lose one 

or win it back), and the only rare cards the queen will have now are the 

ones you lose to her. Play the queen in Deling City then ask where she's 

going. She'll usually say FH, but sometimes she'll go straight to Esthar. 

Either one's fine. From FH, she tends to go to Esthar, too. If she goes 

to FH, follow her there and send her on to Esthar. If she mentions any 

other location when you speak to her, reset and do it again. She almost 

always goes to Esthar from here, so you shouldn't have to reset more than 

a time or two to get her to Esthar. She usually uses rare cards faster 

here in FH, too, if you want to win one back. 

Now, she's where you need her to be. We want to get rid of Direct. Save, 

then challenge the queen to a game. If she's playing with Direct, quit. 

Challenge her until she uses a trading rule you like then play. When 

you're done, go challenge the presidential assistant to see if the 

trading rule changed. If not, play the queen again. Just keep playing her 

until you change that rule.

Normally, you wouldn't need to bother with all of this. With all the 

rules gone, you can pick and choose the CC members you want to play later 

for modding purposes (I'll explain that to you on Disc Four), so you 

could just avoid whomever has Direct unless s/he has a rare card you 

need. You would only use this method in extreme cases. Let's say you've 

had a bad run of luck with the trading rules and Direct has spread 

everywhere (I had this happen once). You should first try playing ten 

games somewhere where the direct rule is not used and try to get a 

different rule to spread. The Queen of Cards is just a last-ditch option 

that I wanted you to be aware of.

Now, we'll finish with Pupu.

Fly to Trabia. Look for Health Peninsula (the long, sandy area you 

crossed during the Chocobo quest). Land Ragnarok on the small island just 

beside Heath Peninisula and run around for the fourth alien encounter.

Fly east from this little island. You'll see two large, dark green 

islands. The second one is the Island Closest to Heaven. Land on the 

cliffs near Heaven. You should see the Chocobo Sanctuary here, too. The 

cliff you're supposed to be on will be directly between Heaven and the 

choco forest. Run around in the open areas (not the trees) until the 

alien appears. You'll fight him this time, but he's very easy. When he's 

defeated, you only have one step left.

Fly to Balamb. Make sure that you have five elixirs in your item 

inventory. Give all three of your characters the Item command, then run 

into the crater where Balamb Garden used to be. Here, you'll find Pupu. 

Feed him five elixirs, and he'll give you his card. Pupu is unique. If 

you mod it, you can never get it back. I usually mod it anyway, but if 

you want all the cards in your inventory, you can't mod him. Keep in mind 

that all you get for all the cards is a star by Card in your menu 

(besides the satisfaction, of course). As a long as a card HAS BEEN in 

your inventory, you'll still get your star.

There are very few cards left until your collection is complete. Before 

we go get them, head to FH. Since you last played in Esthar, you should 

be carrying Same Wall. Save at the train tracks then go play Familiar 

Face #3. Esthar's rules and ours? Yes. Quit. Challenge and reset until he 

abolishes Elemental. DO NOT abolish Open and DO NOT spread Same Wall. 

With Elemental gone, we have only one rule left to go.

The only enforceable rule in the world that we have left is Same in 

Galbadia. Since none of the CC members will use Galbadia's rules on Disc 

Four, it isn't necessary that you get rid of it. I do (I know, it's a 

pride thing). If you want to, return to Esthar to pick up Same Wall (or 

Lunar Gate if you didn't abolish it there). Go to Timber and play the 

guard until you abolish Same. The first time I did this, it took me an 

hour (he kept wanting go abolish Open or spread Same Wall). The second 

time, it only took three hands. You just have to decide if it's worth it 

to you or not. Vilurum prefers to use Same to knock out Same Wall since 

the CC members don't use Galbadia's rules. I don't care about Same Wall 

because it's never used. Do it whichever way you like the best.

If you abolished Same in Timber, then... Congratulations! You've just 

established Open as the only card rule worldwide. If you didn't abolish 

Same in Timber then...Congratulations! You've still established Open as 

the only rule used by the Card Club.

Once you're satisfied with the card rules around the world, it's time to 

move on with the game. When you're called to Esthar and meet Laguna, the 

first thing you should do is challenge him to a card game. Do this before 

you agree to the mission or he'll leave (well, you'll all be transported 

to Ragnarok). Win the Squall card from him. If you end up on Ragnarok 

before you play him, be sure to get Squall's card before you hit Lunatic 

Pandora. On Disc Four, Laguna won't be on Ragnarok.

The only cards left are Bahamut (defeat him at Deep Sea Research Center 

to obtain his card), Eden (defeat Ultima Weapon at Deep Sea to obtain 

Eden's card), and Odin (defeat him at Centra Ruins to get his card). If 

you're no-levelling, you'll have to obtain Odin from the CC members on 

Disc Four. My friend, Vilurum, doesn't fight Ultima Weapon because he 

wants to leave the fixed encounters (Tri-Faces for Curse Spikes, 

Behemoths for Magic Ups, etc.) alone. If you do it this way, you'll get 

Eden's card from the CC members and draw the GF Eden from Tiamet at 

Ultimecia's Castle. I always go get Ultima for the Ultima spells, but 

it's just personal preference. You'll also get Laguna from the CC members 

on Disc Four if you didn't play Ellone in space.

With the possible exceptions of Odin, Eden, and Laguna, your collection 

is complete! 

All we have left to discuss now is card playing on Disc Four.

Disc Four

After defeating Adel and entering Time Compression, you'll end up at 

Edea's house. A giant chain runs from the ground to the castle. You'll 

notice three portals to the left of the chain. Face the second one and 

press X to enter it. It will take you to the Serengetti Plains of Centra. 

Run left. Stick to the shoreline on Squall's right, and it will lead you 

to the mountain that hides a choco forest. Go in and get a chocobo. When 

you leave the forest, cross to the other side of the continent and look 

for the beach just beyond Centra Ruins. Follow the shallows across until 

you get to Edea's house (it's sealed off now). From there, run the length 

of the continent to the red dot flashing on your world map. You'll find 

Ragnarok in the Kashkabald Desert. Now, you're ready to go. We'll first 

discuss the Queen of Cards.

Update:  This is MAJOR new information. Since writing this FAQ, I have 

learned that there are actually three ways to get the Queen's cards. Her 

original card quest and Abadan Plains on Disc Four are already in the 

FAQ. What I didn't know was that you can bypass the queen completely and 

get all of her cards from Diamond on Disc Four. This came out on the FF8 

board and no one that I've asked seems to know who first posted this 

information. Mojoy thinks it might have been him, but even he's not sure. 

Thank you very, very much to Mojoy and whomever else may have contributed 

this information. I have not myself bypassed the original quest (I always 

get Kiros on Disc One for Auto-Haste), but I'm assured that it can be 

done. I do know from personal experience that Diamond will have all the 

QoC cards you've modded no matter when you modded them. I modded Kiros on 

Disc One and Doomtrain on Disc Three then went straight to Diamond on 

Disc Four - Diamond had them both. This is much, much easier than playing 

the queen on Disc Four. Another very important thing I've learned was to 

always play the girl on the left when playing Diamond. I have always had 

a horrible time getting Diamond to give up her Queen of Cards cards, but 

I've always played the girl on the right (for whatever reason). Mercurius 

wrote me and said that I should always play the girl on the left. Three 

different times, he modded all (or most) of his QoC cards. After twenty 

games, the girl on the right hadn't played a single one of them. Then he 

tried the girl on the left. Within about a dozen hands, she had used them 

all. He also noticed that she always plays them one at a time and in a 

specific order: Chubby Chocobo, Phoenix, Doomtrain, Kiros, Irvine. I have 

tried his strategy with great success. The girl on the left plays the QoC 

cards very quickly. Many, many thanks to Mercurius for sharing this with 

me. I have left in the following section on the queen in Abadan Plains 

just in case someone wants the challenge of playing her on Disc Four, but 

I would recommend skipping it and going with Diamond.

Any of the queen's cards that you've modded up to this point will be with 

the queen at the Lunar Crash Site, and you can win them from her again. 

If you modded Kiros to three Accelerators on Disc One, for example, he 

will now be in the queen's hand.

Go to the crash site and save before you go in. The queen is very tough 

here. The first time I abolished the rules worldwide, it was mainly to 

see if it would affect the queen on Disc Four. It does not. She will play 

with her own rules here ("Permit me to play with whatever rule I 

desire"). She will use all the rules in the game EXCEPT Open. This is a 

killer for Plus plays because you don't know which side of the play to 

break up (since you can't see her cards). Though logically, she can't see 

your cards either, I sometimes have my doubts. 

If you got tired of it and didn't finish the queen's quest, whichever of 

her cards you didn't get will be with her as well. If you skipped her 

quest entirely, she will have all five of her rare cards here but that 

makes for one tough hand to beat, especially with these rules. Luckily, 

she always uses the trading rule of One here, so you don't have to worry 

about losing all of your cards at the same time.

I have won all of the queen's cards here, but it wasn't a great deal of 

fun. There are a couple of ways to make it easier though. Save first. 

Then if she starts taking a lot of your cards, you can reset and try 

again instead of trying to win them all back. An easier method (that I 

only discovered while working on this guide) is to not worry about the 

cards you're losing. Every time you win one of her cards, go save. When 

you're done, all the rare cards you lost to her will be with the CC 

members on Ragnarok. It's much easier to win them back from them than 

from the queen.

Now, what if you want to mod her cards again? I have played FF8 ten 

times; I had the CC group on Ragnarok nine of those times. Out of all of 

those games, I never once saw a Queen of Cards card with the CC members. 

I would have told you without a doubt in my mind (and I have told people) 

that you could only get the queen's cards twice - once through the quest 

and a second time from her on Disc Four. Someone at the FF8 board, 

however, said that he won Chubby Chocobo from Diamond, so I decided to 

test it. I went to the crash site and won back all the queen's cards that 

I'd modded prior to Disc Four. I went out and saved my game then modded 

all five cards again. I returned to the queen, and she never once played 

any of her cards. The queen will only have her cards that you missed, 

modded, or lost prior to Disc Four.

So, I reset my game and went to Ragnarok. Standing with Xu, I modded all 

five of the queen's cards again. I went all over Ragnarok, playing all 

the members as I looked for the queen's cards. I found and won back all 

the rare cards I'd lost to the queen in the plains, but I didn't find any 

of the queen's cards. So, I kept playing. Lo and behold, after dozens of 

games with the various members, Diamond finally played Chubby Chocobo 

(please remember the update - girl on the left). The fact that I had to 

win back all the non-QoC rare cards first may or may not have been 

coincidence (Mercurius, too, had already won back the other rare cards). 

I just don't know. I went back and tested it again and finally came to 

the conclusion that Diamond is the key. I modded all the Queen of Cards 

cards (standing with different members of the CC) and every last one of 

these cards ended up with Diamond. She's usually very slow to play them, 

but if you want to pick up some Speed Ups with the Irvine card, Diamond's 

the one you need to play.

Update note: I have seen it mentioned several times on the FF8 board 

lately that if you'll stand and play the same person long enough, s/he 

will play all the rare cards you've lost (except Pupu and the QoC cards 

which we've talked about). I always go among the different members 

because the rare cards tend to show up in the first hand or two, so I've 

never tried this. If you're having card/trading rule problems, however, 

it might be something to try.

Now, let's talk about the rest of the CC group. If there are any rare 

cards that you missed, they will be here. Couldn't get Odin because 

you're no-levelling? He's here. Took the money instead of Shiva from 

Zone? She's here. Lost a rare card to the boy outside Balamb Garden then 

never saw him again? It's here. Modded Bahamut for Megalixirs? He's here. 

The seven members are spread out in Ragnarok. Just play them all a few 

hands (rare cards usually show up within two or three hands if a player 

has one) until you win back all the cards you want. To play Quistis, have 

her in your party and drag her with you to the airlock. Turn to face her 

and hit the square button to play. Unless you're missing lots of rare 

cards, each of the rare cards will be with a different player. So, if you 

win a rare card from Xu, move on to another player to look for the next 


The cards I normally use when playing the CC members are Doomtrain (or 

Irvine), Edea, Alexander, Seifer, and Ward. I use Doomtrain while I'm 

still looking for rare cards because he can't be turned. Normally, Irvine 

can't be turned either, but a rare card with an A on the top could do it. 

A few of the CC members will follow the normal upper-left corner pattern, 

a few will not. Diamond's a good example of a pattern that shows up quite 

a bit with the better CC players. Here's a typical game:

Her hand: Tri-Point, Fastitocalon, Red Giant, Adamantoise, Hexadragon

My hand: Doomtrain, Edea, Seifer, Alexander, Ward


                   |      7      |      6      |      3      |

                   |             |             |             |

                   |  Her - 2nd  |   Me - 5th  |  Me - 3rd   |

                   |             |             |             |

                   |3           5|4           9|A           3|

                   |             |             |             |

                   | Fastitocalon|    Seifer   |  Doomtrain  |

                   |             |             |             |


                   |      8      |      4      |      6      |

                   |             |             |             |

                   |  Her - 4th  |  Her - 6th  |  Her - 8th  |

                   |             |             |             |

                   |8           5|6           5|7           8|

                   |             |             |             |

                   |  Tri-Point  | Adamantoise |  Red Giant  |

                   |             |             |             |


                   |      A      |      9      |      A      |

                   |             |             |             |

                   |   Me - 1st  |   Me - 7th  |  Me - 9th   |

                   |             |             |             |

                   |3           A|2           A|8           7|

                   |             |             |             |

                   |     Edea    |  Alexander  |     Ward    |

                   |             |             |             |



Diamond doesn't always use this, but I've seen it enough that I thought 

I'd mention it. She'll start in the upper-left corner (if she goes 

first), but she won't box it in. She'll go from there to the upper-right 

corner then start jumping around. Your goal is to fill in the left side 

and the top then turn cards in the four blocks that are left. Ward is an 

especially good card for this because he has three strong sides, so he 

can usually turn a card on any side except the bottom.

If you decided not to abolish all the rules on the ground, be aware that 

rules will spread among the CC members in the same way that they did 

between the towns. You can say No to mixing or you can go ahead and let 

them spread. It's up to you. You can abolish in the same way by going 

between different CC members, too. If Same Wall is all you have left, go 

ahead and let it spread. Because Same is gone, Same Wall will never be 

used. It won't even show up in the rules.

Once you've got all of your rare cards back, you can begin modding in 

earnest. Choose a CC member. Standing beside that player, mod a card 

(this only applies to rare cards). Your rare card will go directly into 

the hand of the person you're standing beside so that you can win it 

again. In this way, you can mod a card and win it back over and over and 

over again. This will work with any of the CC members, but I prefer to 

use Xu because she tends to play the card again immediately. Some people 

seem to have better luck with Quistis, but I've had her take as long as 

six hands to use a card I modded with her. Xu will normally (not always, 

but usually) use the card immediately. Just keep in mind that if you're 

modding the queen's cards, only Diamond will have them. Here are some of 

the cards I normally mod many times:

Eden = 3 Monks Codes = 3 Strength Ups

Minotaur = 10 Adamantines = 2 Vitality Ups

Ward = 3 Gaea's Rings = 3 HP Ups

Gilgamesh = 10 Holy Wars

You can get Spirit Ups from the Rinoa card and Magic Ups from Edea's 

card, but you have to win each card four times for one Up, so Devouring 

is probably as fast. Playing cards is just another option. If you're 

raising money to buy and convert items to Ups, you can mod Bahamut to 

Megalixirs, sell them for 750,000 gil then win Bahamut back and do it 

again. These are just a few things you can do with cards on Disc Four.

I'll go ahead and list all the rare cards and what they mod into just in 

case you want to mod some I didn't list above. Remember, the Pupu card is 

an exception. Once it's been modded, you'll never see it again.

Chubby Chocobo = 100 LuvLuvGs (raises character's compatibility with ALL 


Angelo = 100 Elixirs (full cure/heal for one character)

Gilgamesh = 10 Holy Wars (makes your entire party invincible)

Minimog = 100 Pet Houses (GF version of a tent - I've never used one)

Chicobo = 100 Gysahl Greens (summons Chicobo "GF" - very weak)

Quezacotl = 100 Dynamo Stones

Shiva = 100 North Winds

Ifrit = 3 Elemental Attacks (teaches GF Elemental Attack)

Siren = 3 Status Attacks (teaches GF Status Attack)

Sacred = 100 Dino Bones

Minotaur = 10 Adamantines (teaches GF Vit+60% or 5 refine to 1 Vitality 


Carbuncle = 3 Glow Curtains (teaches GF Auto-Reflect)

Diablos = 100 Black Holes

Leviathan = 3 Doc's Codes (teaches GF Med Data)

Odin = 100 Dead Spirits 

Pandemona = 100 Windmills 

Cerberus = 100 Lightweights (refines to one Accelerator = Auto Haste)

Alexander = 3 Moon Curtains (teaches GF Auto-Shell)

Phoenix = 3 Phoenix Spirits (teaches GF Revive)

Bahamut = 100 Megalixirs (full cure/heal for all characters)

Doomtrain = 3 Status Guards (teaches GF Status Defense X 4)

Eden = 3 Monk's Codes (teaches GF Counter or refines to 3 Strength Ups)

Ward = 3 Gaea's Rings (teaches GF HP+80% or refines to 3 HP ups)

Kiros = 3 Accelerators (teaches GF Auto-Haste)

Laguna = 100 Heroes (makes one party member invincible)

Selphie = 3 Elemental Guards (teaches GF Elemental Defense X 4)

Quistis = 3 Samantha Souls (teaches GF SumMag+40% or refines to Triple)

Irvine = 3 Rocket Engines (teaches GF Speed+40% or 5 refine to 1 Speed 


Zell = 3 Power Wrists (teaches GF Strength+40% or refines to Aura Stones)

Rinoa = 3 Magic Armlets (teaches GF Spirit+60% or 10 refine to 1 Spirit 


Edea = 3 Royal Crowns (teaches GF Magic+60% or 10 refine to 1 Magic Up)

Seifer = 3 Diamond Armors (teaches GF GFHP+40%)

Squall = 3 Three Stars (teaches GF Expendx3 or refines to Triple) 

Pupu = 1 Hungry Cookpot (teaches GF Devour or refines to a Shaman Stone 

which can be further refined to a Rosetta Stone)

Well, I think I've managed to tell you all I know about Triple Triad. I 

hope Granny's pleased. If I've missed something, I apologize. Hopefully, 

I didn't miss much. I hope this guide has made the card game easier and 

more enjoyable for you. Happy card playing! -- Sister

Iain Wilson
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