Final Fantasy revelations

Final Fantasy fans are about to receive the best possible news ever - soon they'll be able to decide which hero or villain is the strongest of them all. The previously mentioned but still mysterious Dissidia now appears to be a fighting game, asscans have surfacedshowing FFIX animal-man Zidane trouncing supervillain Kuja. Maybe it's a full brawler, maybe there's more of a strategic element to it, we're not sure yet. Good thing we've got a man in Japan furiously scribbling notes at Square Enix's big reveal this week, eh? Check back for more on Dissidia soon.

In other, potentially greater news, the untouchable ultimate best-ever classic Final Fantasy IV is officially getting the3D remake treatment. Once again, this news comes from Japanese scans. You'd think anyone who wants to keep a secret or wishes to distribute news regionally would stop giving scoops to Shonen Jump or Famitsu - anything in their pages will be online and translated within minutes.

Need more Fantasy? Check back later this week for everything Square. In the meantime, why not read who we picked as the series'greatest hero?

May 9, 2007