Final Fantasy 9 animated series is officially in the works

Final Fantasy 9
(Image credit: Square Enix)

A Final Fantasy 9 animated series is officially in the works, and production is set to begin by early 2022.

The new series will be co-produced by Final Fantasy publisher Square Enix and animated children's entertainment producer Cyber Group Studios. According to Kidscreen, the series is set to be targeted toward viewers from eight to 13 years old and the companies haven't finalized plans for the series' episode count or length yet.

Final Fantasy has been adapted for the big and small screen in various forms, but this is the first time a specific game in the series has been in line for an animated series adaptation. Final Fantasy 9 was originally released in 2000 - and it's particularly appropriate source material for being adapted into an animated series, since it's arguably the most "cartoonish" of all the Final Fantasy games, at least aesthetically speaking.

Cyber Group Studios has an extensive portfolio of productions aimed at kids from 4 to 12, with a fairly even mix of more traditional 2D animation and 3D shows represented. We don't have any details about what sort of look Cyber Group is aiming for with its Final Fantasy 9 series, though the game's numerous cinematic cutscenes should serve as ample inspiration.

Final Fantasy 9 was regarded as somewhat of a black sheep when it was first released, as it stepped away from the mature sci-fi feel of its two predecessors to create more of an homage to earlier games in the series. Much of the Final Fantasy fan community has come around on it at this point, and this animated series should serve as an introduction to the game for an entirely new generation. Maybe it won't be too long until a Final Fantasy 9 Remake follows to help keep the zeitgeist rolling?

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