Final Fantasy 7 remake will bring "dramatic change"

If you were expecting the newly-announced Final Fantasy 7 Remake to be a shot-for-shot reproduction of the original game with better graphics, you've got another thing coming. Final Fantasy 7 remake director Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that the team is bringing "dramatic change" to the classic JRPG.

"We're not able to say the details of [what we're changing], but we are bringing dramatic change to the Final Fantasy 7 remake," Nomura said in a group interview at E3 2015.

He went on to clarify that these changes aren't going to be so drastic that the JRPG suddenly becomes a first-person shooter. "We are going to be bringing dramatic change, but we want to make sure it's still recognizable as Final Fantasy 7."

While we surely expected that some things would inevitably be poked at and fixed during the transition to current-gen consoles, it sounds like the Final Fantasy 7 remake will be a much more intensive affair than simply upgrading its visuals. If you're reading this, Nomura, we have a few suggestions of our own.

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David Roberts
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