Final Fantasy 7 Remake datamine has potentially revealed a lot of new details about the upcoming JRPG

(Image credit: Square Enix)

The latest Final Fantasy 7 Remake leak, which has come from an unreleased full demo for the game, has allowed dataminers to discover much of the upcoming's titles biggest surprises and secrets, as well as a potential PC port.

The demo's files reveal weapons, abilities, mini-games, and more from the upcoming remake, as exposed by dataminers online. It represents a significant leak for one of the biggest new games of the year. 

We won't spoil anything here, but the main source of the leaks derives mainly from a Twitter user named roXyPS3, who has been posting screenshots of potential data from the game. While the files could be easily faked, it does appear to be legitimate considering what Square-Enix have showed of the game so far.

They also claim that the datamined code contains "many signs" that a PC port could be on the way. Considering that a box art update confirmed one year of exclusivity on PS4, this revelation isn't hugely surprising.

That said, this latest wave of fresh info isn't a guarantee of what to expect from Final Fantasy 7 Remake itself, not just because it's sourced from second hand accounts, but because not everything included in a game's backend code necessarily makes it into the final product. 

Nevertheless, alarm bells are surely ringing off at Square-Enix HQ right now. We expect to hear more official news about the demo itself soon, which - given that it's made its way onto some PS4s already - is likely to be releasing imminently. 

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