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Final Fantasy 7 remake demo opening cinematic leaked in full

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake opening cinematic has been leaked by YouTuber Lystrasza, and it reveals the title screen for a presumably forthcoming demo. Fair warning to the nostalgia-prone: the intro to the Final Fantasy 7 remake is a gorgeous, nearly-identical version of the famous opening to the 1997 original. Even casual Final Fantasy fans (as if there are such people) should prepare for chills.

Just like the original opening sequence, things kick off with Aerith walking through Midgar's busy streets before we get a wide pan shot of the sprawling metropolis. Then the Final Fantasy 7 logo appears and gives way to Cloud and co making their epic entrances, leading into the first playable moments of Final Fantasy 7 and the remake's demo.

We haven't heard any official word on a demo for the Final Fantasy 7 remake, but this new leak all but confirms one is on the way to the PSN. The leaked video reveals a very convincing title screen, camera setup menu, and difficulty settings for the demo before the cinematic begins.

Further, a separate and reliable leak surfaced just a couple days ago from tracking site Gamestat confirming the demo. Thanks to the leaked video, we now know the demo will cover the opening sequence, although it's still unclear how long the demo will run.

If you made up your mind to get the Final Fantasy 7 remake long before talk of a demo surfaced, consult GamesRadar's Final Fantasy 7 remake pre-order guide to secure your copy.

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