Final Fantasy 16 gets placeholder Twitter account, but it might not be official

(Image credit: Square Enix)

A Twitter account for Final Fantasy 16 surfaced recently, and it could mean an official announcement from Square Enix is imminent, or it could just be a fake.

As first reported by VG247, the Final Fantasy 16 account is locked, so we can't see any tweets that might be hiding there. But the main reason it could be the real deal is that it's fairly consistent with other official Final Fantasy Twitter accounts. The only difference between the new account and the Japanese account for Final Fantasy 15 is an underscore between "FF16" and "JP," the acronym for Japan. Even so, the account for Final Fantasy 14 has underscores in the username, so the new account actually checks out there.

Upon further review, we also found that the account is tied to this obscured email address: fa*******@s**********.***, while the general Square Enix Twitter account is attached to this address: na******@s**********.*** - same number of characters in the email domain. Technically, it wouldn't be hard to pull off creating a new domain with the same number of characters, but I can't imagine why anyone would bother. It's worth noting that the characters in the email address don't line up with the Japanese Final Fantasy 15 Twitter account.

For what it's worth, folks have been wondering for a couple months now whether the next Final Fantasy game is actually Project Athia in disguise. The untitled game Square Enix revealed in June is being developed by Luminous Studios, headed up by the lead programmer on Final Fantasy 15, who also worked on 15's Stadia Port. 

It's all rumors and speculation at this point, but it sure would make for a last-minute bombshell PS5 reveal.

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