Final Fantasy 16 fans are going into spoiler lockdown after retail copies seemingly leak early

Final Fantasy 16 PS5 screenshot
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Fans are preparing for full-on spoiler lockdown as retail copies of Final Fantasy 16 appear to have leaked early.

Right now, it's unclear what the scope of the leaks are. There's an image floating around of someone holding a sealed retail copy of Final Fantasy 16 in what appears to be a warehouse - the implication being, of course, that whoever's taking the picture is about to take that copy home and start playing the game a full week ahead of launch.

I've been unable to track down the source of the image - though many are pointing 4chan as its origin point - and I can't find any evidence that actual spoilers have started getting out just yet, either. Regardless, fans are preparing to go on a social media blackout before any proper leaks start making the rounds.

"Time to delete YouTube, that place spoils me more than anywhere else," as GundamV31 says on Reddit. "If it's not the titles assholes use it's the thumbnails." This person's not alone, either.

If you want to immunize yourself against at least two hours worth of spoilers, you can go play the Final Fantasy 16 demo, which will let you play through the early chapters of the game and enjoy at least one plot twist before some jerk on the internet spoils it for you. And hey, it'll give you a few new reasons to love Torgal as you count down the days to launch.

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