Final Fantasy 16 demo has fans falling in love with Torgal all over again

Final Fantasy 16
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 16 players are being reduced to teary messes at the paws of puppy Torgal.

The Final Fantasy 16 demo finally went live over the weekend, giving us a few hours in the shoes of Clive Rosfield before launch. One of the biggest take aways for players from the demo is puppy Torgal, an irresponsibly cute addition to the new game that'll surely help sell a fair few copies around the world.

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Puppy Torgal has fans around the world disarmed by his pure cuteness and charm, and who can blame them? The pup might not be in Final Fantasy 16's demo for all that long, but all it took was a few minutes of him being on screen for players to fall in love with him.

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If anything happened to Torgal, we'd swear vengeance on the perpetrator, just like the Twitter user below. To hell with avenging Joshua and the Kingdom, or whatever's really going on in Final Fantasy 16 - we just need to protect Torgal!

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Even 'Can You Pet the Dog?' is getting in on the love for Torgal. As the account rightly points out below though, the puppy is just Torgal's first form - at later stages of Final Fantasy 16, we're going to see him fully grown into something that resembles a full-on wolf, and he can join our party to help Clive in battle.

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We'd be worried about Torgal getting in a scrap, but his older form can probably handle himself. Torgal can even do sick flips to send enemies sky high, setting Clive up to pull off some Devil May Cry-like combos in mid air. That's no accident, since battle director Ryota Suzuki worked on Devil May Cry 5 prior to joining Square Enix.

You can check out our full Final Fantasy 16 preview from earlier this year for comments from Suzuki about the new take on combat.

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