Final Fantasy 16 draws loving praise from Devil May Cry fans for bringing back one key ability

Final Fantasy 16's Clive looks bashfully at Jill, who is off screen
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 16 resurrects a critical ability from the Devil May Cry games, and DMC fans are celebrating.

May 22 saw a brand new round of preview footage for Final Fantasy 16 hit the airwaves. One video, as chronicled by Gematsu just below, showcases Clive and his beloved companion Torgal in action just below, but it's the move right around the 28-second mark that's really got Devil May Cry fans in a frenzy.

This would be the 'Enemy Step' move. You can see it in action when Clive is in mid air, slicing and dicing his opponent, before he takes a quick and very brief step to the side in tandem with his enemy while still in the air. This is known as the Enemy Step move, a feature which Capcom's Devil May Cry series largely pioneered, and it's beloved by fans of the action-packed series.

In short, Enemy Step lets you reset your abilities in mid air without needing to touch the ground. It's almost like you're using the enemy as a platform to reset your moves by literally stepping on them, hence the name. So once Clive has pulled off one combo in particular while airborne, for example, he can then use enemy step to reset the ability and use it all over again.

Other games would typically have the player need to touch the ground again to recharge an ability they've already used in the air. Devil May Cry fans are taking this as a cause for celebration on Twitter, stemming from the first tweet just below, from which fans are proclaiming statements like "they cooked once again." They sure have been cooking, and it smells delicious.

The Enemy Step in Final Fantasy 16 isn't really a huge surprise considering Ryota Suzuki's involvement. Square Enix hired the Devil May Cry veteran to head up 16's new action-packed combat system, and we spoke to Suzuki himself earlier this year as part of an extensive Final Fantasy 16 combat breakdown featuring producer Naoki Yoshida as well. 

Final Fantasy 16 launches next month on June 22, exclusively for PS5. Check out our more recent Final Fantasy 16 preview for our hands-on experience with the demo that'll be launching for the public soon.

You can also head over to our Final Fantasy 16 pre-order guide for info on getting your hands on the flashy Collector's Edition for Square Enix's new game.

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