Final Fantasy 16 dev promises to fix demo performance issues

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Naoki Yoshida says the team is "working on" improving the framerate issues in Final Fantasy 16, telling players not to "worry about that".

In a presentation called "Feedback from the Demo", producer Yoshida set out to assuage fan concerns after many experienced issues with Final Fantasy 16, confirming that the team would be "releasing updates to improve performance". 

According to Yoshida, the issues broadly stem in highly-populated areas where there are a lot of characters milling around, such as the town castle section.

"Yoshi-P says they will be releasing updates to improve the frame rate of FF16!" reports Japanese video game insider, Genki, on Twitter. 

"He says currently, there are areas where the frame rate drops when there is a lot of characters such as towns. They will be working on updates to improve framerate, so please don't worry about that."

We're also told that the team was looking into feedback about motion blur and will likely "provide options to adjust it or turn it off". 

"Camera movement speed and auto-follow options will also be provided," adds @Dreamboum.

"Final Fantasy 16 could broaden the series' appeal through combat while delivering a story that captures what diehard fans love about the older games," we said when we previewed the demo ourselves, albeit our demo was a special version made for media to experience, and contents may differ from the final version.

"Whether Square Enix can elevate or build upon gameplay ideas we've seen before, though, can only be answered after launch. Wherever Final Fantasy 16 ends up, Square Enix’s next looks like an adventure worth taking."

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