Final Fantasy 15 still has a day-one patch after the delay, but it's full of new features

Remember when Square Enix said it was delaying Final Fantasy 15 so it could avoid putting out a bunch of essential bug fixes in a day-one patch? Well, it half succeeded in that goal. Final Fantasy 15 is still going to have a day-one patch, like almost every modern big-budget game, but it's going to be full of new features and improvements instead of just squashing bugs.

Here's the new stuff coming in Final Fantasy 15's "Crown Update".

  • The camera gets some improvements for following action in combat and narrow spaces
  • The "Wait Mode" function that stops time in combat when you're not giving commands is expanded with an ability tree for more strategic options
  • Event scenes from both Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy 15 and the "Omen" trailer are added to the game to flesh out the plot for newcomers
  • A new "Beast Whistle" lets you call monsters to you
  • More recipes and fish varieties are available in-game as well as a gallery for viewing your culinary conquests
  • Prompto's camera gets Facebook and Twitter integration for easily sharing photos 

So you'll definitely want to download that patch before you start playing on November 29, if only to share Prompto's selfies with all of the internet.

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