Final Fantasy 14's latest deep dungeon is here, and it barely took 24 hours for someone to solo it

A Final Fantasy 14 stands in front of a giant orb after clearing the new deep dungeon
(Image credit: Square Enix / PillowyZeal)

A Final Fantasy 14 player has already managed to solo the new deep dungeon, less than 24 hours after it was released. If that wasn't enough, the feat has seemingly snagged them the title of World First to do so. 

Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.35 was released earlier this week, bringing with it a new deep dungeon called Eureka Orthos. If you need a refresher or have been out of the loop, the endgame content is essentially a roguelike-inspired mode where you attempt to clear a set amount of floors, 100 in this case. It's typically a group activity, though accomplishing the feat solo typically earns you one of the MMO's most desired titles, as it's a darn impressive thing to show off.

Not unlike the community races we see to be the first group to complete a new raid, Final Fantasy 14's deep dungeons get a similar treatment. This time, though, it looks like streamer PillowyZeal has won out, with Square Enix's leaderboard clocking their completion time at 8am CET on March 8.

As for the run itself, PillowyZeal used a Warrior to get the job done in just over eight hours. Tank classes are always popular for deep dungeons due to their ability to eat colossal damage, though the Warrior is currently a stand-out as its DPS and healing capabilities are solid. The benefit is that you can recover from near-fatal situations that would otherwise end your run on other classes while still packing a punch.

PillowyZeal's accomplishment is a big win for Final Fantasy 14's Lalafell community, who recently pondered whether head pats are good or not.

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