Final Fantasy 14's Lalafell community is torn about whether they like head pats or not

Final Fantasy 14
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Final Fantasy 14's small people are debating whether they actually like being patted on the head.

Lalafells are the humorously small creatures of Final Fantasy 14, if you didn't already know. They're pretty comedic, all things considered, whether it's other players acting as Lalafells, or in-game characters like Tataru Taru, widely beloved by all. Now though, the Reddit post below has sought out Lalafell players to determine whether or not they actually like being patted on the head.

"Depressed brain will take any amount of positivity. Headpats are a blessing," writes one enthused Lalafell player. Another writes, "I love it for the same reason, people want to pet cute things!". Someone, admittedly not a Lalafell, adds "You chose to be two feet tall. Accept this is your lot in life."

It's true: Lalafells generally get a lot of attention for their antics, and it's nearly always related to their height. A Lalafell troupe recently performed a rendition of Pirates of the Caribbean, for example, drawing in hordes of raving fans, while everyone was generally horrified to find hordes of Lalafells as bots underneath a popular in-game location

"Usually, I do not mind them, I even like them," writes one thoughtful Lalafell. "Random drive-by head pat? Sure, cute, But someone head patting me after I explain a boss' mechanics for the fifth time? Get that condescension out of here."

In short, context and timing seem to be key with Lalafell head patting: don't spam the emote or pat a Lalafell when they're explaining something to you. If you remember and stick by these golden rules, it seems Lalafells are quite alright with the occasional head pat.

Elsewhere, Final Fantasy's series creator is still hooked on Final Fantasy 14, so much so that he's now getting scolded by his work colleagues. 

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