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Final Fantasy 14 playable on PS5 through backwards compatibility

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 14 will be available on PS5 through backwards compatibility, the latest Letter from the Producer live stream has revealed. 

The PS4 version of Final Fantasy 14 can be played straight away on the PS5 through backwards compatibility. Through this port, the game will have reduced load times, which can definitely be one point of contention for the PS4 version of Final Fantasy 14.

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Getting to play Final Fantasy 14 on day one for the PS5 is certainly a treat. Elsewhere in the Letter from the Producer, Naoki Yoshida and company revealed the next patch for the game: Futures Rewritten.

This is patch 5.4 for Final Fantasy 14, and it'll be launching in early December for the PC, PS4, and PS5 versions of the game. This marks the first post-Shadowbringers patch for Final Fantasy 14, and it'll be the first clue as to where the next expansion for the game will ultimately be headed.

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There's also a new Explorer Mode coming to Final Fantasy 14. This mode allows you to freely roam Dungeons, which are entirely free from enemy forces, allowing you to take screenshots and roam around to your heart's content. 

Elsewhere, it seems like there'll be a new Raid added to Final Fantasy 14 with Patch 5.4 in December. This new Raid, called Eden's Promise, appears to have something to do with both Ryne and Gaia (opens in new tab), but we'll have to wait and see for more details on the new Raid at a later date.

Finally, Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festival events in Japan, North America, and Europe have all been canceled throughout 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yoshida and company apologized for the cancelations, but said a special online event will be held in February 2021, where they'll reveal new information for the game.

Final Fantasy 14 fans have a lot on their plate in the coming months, and so does producer Naoki Yoshida. As well as heading up Final Fantasy 14, the producer is helping guide Final Fantasy 16 to the finish line, which is nearing completion in the development phase.

For a complete list of all the other games you can expect to play on the PS5 in the near future, head over to our upcoming PS5 games guide for more.

Hirun Cryer
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