FIFA Soccer 07 Cheats

A pretty fun and accurate - a FIFA game fan's term for difficult - handheld game that makes for a suitable soccer fan's traveling companion. Not quite enough of an evolution, however, to warrant replacing your earlier DS FIFA games.

FIFA Soccer 07 Glitches

  • PSP | Submitted by booooone

    Player Growth Increase

    When you finish your game, the page will be displayed showing your player's match experience points. When on that page, press circle, and that will bring up your goalkeepers information and stats page. Then simply press triangle to go back on to the players experience points page. If you then press circle again, and then triangle in the same way as before, you should notice that your players match experience points will be gradually going up. Simply keep doing the routine above, and this will raise the match xp of all the players on the team, and then effectively, the player will go up in skill when the match xp bar is completely filled. So you are speeding up the rate of there growth.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Avoid Red Cards

    When you know for certain that you will get a red card (you can check by looking on the team management, if the player who has just done a foul already and got a yellow card and is walking up to the Referee then he will be sent off). Before he is actually shown the red card substitute the player.

FIFA Soccer 07 Hints

  • Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, PC | Submitted by D genortion X

    Score from Own Half

    The picth

    To score from your own half you need a small person like Theo Walcott or Gilberto Silva in a side of powerful hitters. When you see the goalkeeper off his line, have a shot - it works 9/10 for me. Good luck

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Gibbsey

    Skill Control

    Are you having trouble pulling off 360s and stepovers? If you want to have better control on the ball, simply walk instead of running. Simple as that!

  • PS2 | Submitted by qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm

    Easiest Way to Score a Goal

    First be a really good team. I prefer Manchester United or Chelsea. All you have to do is run down the sideline with your teammates running down the middle. When you get to about the middle of the box on the sideline, cross the ball. The shoot with one of the guys that gets the ball. This works about 95% of the time. i won 12 to nothing with Manchester United, and 17 to nothing with Chelsea

  • Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, PC | Submitted by semor

    Get a Goal from Losing

    at the start of the match score an own goal, then take center, hold square and aim at oppositions goal you will score 9/10 times from this and afterwards your shooting accuracy will be improved! (this can only be done in knockout stage of tournament) good luck!

  • Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, PC | Submitted by Diddy

    In the Money

    Manager mode

    If you're having trouble with your money in manager mode. Just go to the contract screen and offer every one a new contract but lower their wages by about £10,000. Usually they accept but don't panic if they don't you just won't be able to offer them a new contract for a bit.

  • Xbox, PS2, PC | Submitted by Gibbsey

    Skill Control

    Are you having trouble pulling off 360s and stepovers? If you want to have better control on the ball, just walk instead of running. Simple as that!

  • Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, PC | Submitted by Jake Deeble

    Easier Career Mode In The Future

    1. Create a team with lots of young players (T. Wallcott, C. Tevez, S. Downing, A. Ferdinand).

    2. At the select a team screen in career mode, pick any team and replace it with the team you made.

    3. Throughout the time you manage that team the players will get better (in 5 years T.Wallcott should go from a rating of 76 right up to about 91)!

  • Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, PC | Submitted by Louis-Knows-It

    World Class Mode made Easy

    To play World Class mode easy, first start of playing Semi-Pro, to Pro, then on to World Class and it will feel like you're playing on Semi-Pro after quite a few games. Also, if you sign 'Freddy Adu' from 'D.C United' he can dribble and sprint past defenders easy on World Class mode, if you play him right!

  • Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, PC | Submitted by Anders

    Win Everything

    If you lose or draw a game just press triangle when you get to manager mode central and don't save it. Load your profile up again and replay the match. Keep doing this until you win it.

  • Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2 | Submitted by Gibbsey


    If you want to curl, use this tactic. Hold down L2 to place the shot from outside the box and the ball will curl. Hint: Left footed shot, ball goes right; right-footed shot, ball goes left.

  • Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, PC | Submitted by Gibbsey

    Great Start Offs

    On manager mode, you have to pay loads of money for great players. If you want a good youngster for a medium price, try Theo Walcott, Rafael Sobis or Nilmar.

  • Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, PC | Submitted by Josh

    Easy money for manager mode

    For really EASY millions in manager mode,

    1st: Create a few player and put all their stats up to 95+ and put the players' birth year to 1990.
    2nd: Assign the players to the club that you want to be in manager mode and save them.
    3rd: Go to manager mode and start a new season, and choose the team with the created players in it.
    Finally: You will be in transfer season already so just put the players that you created up for sale (they will be around £20-40 million).
    And then when they are sold you will be left with the original team... and lots of money!!!

  • Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, PC | Submitted by Gibbsey and Dari

    CPU match

    Are you bored because no footy matches are on? Well, if you go to kick off, choose both teams and then three boxes should come up. Choose select sides and put both controller icons in the middle. Then advance to game (start) and you can enjoy watching matches.

  • Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, PC | Submitted by tikabooson

    Transfer Market

    On manager mode if you are having difficulty buying players fear no more. At the bottom there is a percentage - put it up to 15% and put a bid in for 1 million over the price and he should sign.

  • PS2 | Submitted by D generation X a.k.a airkid a.k.a shaqui

    Score Free Kicks Easily

    To score an easy free kick when your in a direct free kick get a lay-off man and then hold R2 then when the keeper tells his players to give him space quickly shoot and you can even put spin or loft on it and 9/10 will score

  • Xbox | Submitted by Burnzie

    Easy goals

    To score an easy goal is simple. Just give the ball back to your keeper and watch on the radar for your strikers to be level with the opposing back line, then bring your keeper out to the edge of his box and whack the ball upfield. The ball should sail over the defense's heads and your forwards should latch onto it!

  • PS2 | Submitted by fifa master

    Easy Tournament Wins

    to get easy tournament wins just go to fifa challenges and choose your tournament. Now when it asks you to choose your team press o and the teams should sort into order, highest to lowest in stars. Now pick all the teams until you can no longer pick any more. Now you should win the tournament easily. It works 9/10 for me so it should work for all you gamers.

    ps. I would advise you not to use this hint when you choose a league as it will take a very long time to complete.

  • Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, PC | Submitted by master jamie

    Win by Statistics

    Improve everybody's stats for your team to 99% and you will win every game you simulate.

FIFA Soccer 07 Unlockables

  • Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, PC | Submitted by benefc1994

    Uunlock all Boots

    When you complete the challenges you get all the best boots.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    10 Goal Match Wonder (100) - Score more than 10 Goals in a match on Semi-professional difficulty.

    300 Game Winner (200) - Win 300 games in all competitions on any level difficulty.

    Defender Man of the Match (50) - Win Man of Match for a Defender more than 50 times in Semi-professional difficulty.

    Fair Play Award (100) - Play 20 Games without a card being shown in Semi - Professional difficulty.

    Goal Getter (40) - Get an average of 4 goals per game over 50 game on Semi-Professional difficulty.

    Midfielder Man of the Match (50) - Win Man of Match for a Midfielder more than 50 times in Semi-professional difficulty.

    Striker Man of the Match (40) - Win Man of Match for a Striker more than 50 times in Semi-professional difficulty.

    Undefeated (50) - Remain undefeated for 50 games in Semi-Professional difficulty.

    Undefeated Manager (200) - Remain undefeated for 1 season in any league in Manager mode on any difficulty level.

    Winning Streak (90) - Have a 60 game Winning Streak on Semi-Professional difficulty.

    World XI Master (80) - Win 20 games with the World XI team on Professional difficulty.

FIFA Soccer 07 Easter Eggs

  • Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, PC | Submitted by steven-gerrard8

    3 Goal up FAN Cheer

    When you go 3 goals up at home, pass the ball around and the fans will cheer and go crazy!

FIFA Soccer 07 Cheats

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Tony 4 ManU

    S-W-P Bargain

    If you go on manager mode and you are looking for an extreme winger you must buy Shaun Wright-Phillips for a bargain - just put his price to 80,500 points at least and his salary to 500 at least and put his negotiations to 2 and keep the years to 1 and you will have a mint winger on your team. He plays for Chelsea.