EA confirms FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition with first ever female cover star

(Image credit: EA)

EA has officially announced FIFA 23 with a release window of autumn 2022, marking the final entry in a series it has developed since launching on Sega Mega Drive/Genesis in December 1993.

Next year the mega-publisher will break away from football’s governing body to kick off EA Sports FC. FIFA says the series is to move forwards under a different developer.

Alongside the release window, EA has confirmed the game’s Ultimate Edition cover athletes. Other versions of FIFA 23 are expected to be unveiled imminently.


(Image credit: EA)

The Ultimate Edition will feature Kylian Mbappe on the cover for the third year in a row. However, the French wonderkid isn’t alone: he’s joined by Chelsea and Australia forward Sam Kerr.

In the series’ final year, it’s a first time a female athlete has ever appeared on a FIFA cover. 

“Sam Kerr is one of the greatest female footballers out there,” line producer Matt Lafreniere tells GamesRadar. “She represents Chelsea so well, she represents the Australian national team so well, and there’s a World Cup coming up. Her personality and values reflect who we are as a company, and what FIFA is as a franchise. We are really excited to have her as a part of the EA Sports and FIFA team.”

GR recently went behind closed doors at EA Canada to playtest FIFA 23, and will share a variety of impressions in the coming weeks.

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