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Pre-order FIFA 20 for $10 off as part of Amazon Prime Day

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If you're set on the idea of picking up FIFA 20 when it launches at the end of September, you may want to take a look at this cheeky deal from Amazon that has surfaced as part of Amazon Prime Day. You can get almost $10 off the usual pre-order price of $59.99; the FIFA 20 pre-order price is down to $50.94, for savings of $9.05, exactly 15%.

Perhaps you're still on the fence about this cheap FIFA 20 pre-order, in which case let us help. FIFA 20 has the most innovative feature to come to the game in years in the form of Volta Football, which is essentially the return of FIFA Street. It's the first time men and women can play together on the same pitch, and it uses the exact same engine as the core 11v11 gameplay, so players should be able to seamlessly transition from one mode to the other.

FIFA 20 pre-order | $50.94 (was $59.99)

FIFA 20 pre-order | $50.94 (was $59.99)
It's not out until September 27, but you can pre-order FIFA 20 at Amazon for almost $10 cheaper than the usual price. Goal!

Of course, Ultimate Team will be returning in FIFA 20, with hopefully more icons (where's David Beckham?!). The Journey has finished, but there's a story to go with Volta for your narrative football needs, and Career Mode and Pro Clubs are back once again. If you play FIFA every year, it's a no brainer to pre-order it at this discounted price, right?

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