Struggling with FIFA 17 Ultimate Team's impossible Palermo SBC? Good news: EA has patched it

If you've been following GR+'s expert advice to making coins in Ultimate Team, then you're already a pro at FIFA 17's Squad Building Challenges. But you're also likely turning the air blue at the Palermo challenge, within Calcio A. Its 3-4-3 formation requires at least two wide players to complete – but Palermo only have four in the game, and they're all basically extinct. Meaning that for the last week it's been nigh-impossible to complete that individual challenge, and therefore the overall Calcio A SBC, which unlocks a special Gonzalo Higuain card.

Happy news, then: EA has patched the challenge, swapping it from a 3-4-3 formation to a much more manageable 3-4-1-2. You'll still need to snipe a wide player and a striker at maximum Buy It Now price (which is easier given that Palermo have six forwards in the game), and should be able to find the other nine players without problem, so long as you have the funds.

Here, for instance, is how I did it: 

  • GK - Fulignati (GK, 900 coins)
  • CB - Rajkovic (CB, 900 coins)
  • CB - Andelkovic (CB, 700 coins)
  • CB - Gonzalez (CB, 800 coins)
  • RM - Marson (GK, 850 coins)
  • CM - Gazzi (CDM, 1900 coins)
  • CM - Bruno Henrique (CDM, 1900 coins)
  • LM - Embalo (LM, 10000 coins)
  • CF - Diamanti (CF, 900 coins)
  • ST - Nestorovski (ST, 10000 coins)
  • ST - Balogh (ST, 8000 coins)

The above side gives 99 chemistry even with the goalkeeper playing right midfield, easily passing the 95 chem requirement necessary to complete the challenge.


FIFA 17 is out now on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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