FIFA 08 - what's new for PS3 and 360?

FIFA 08 has been officially revealed today and we've got the skinny on the next-gen version's new features andfirst screenshots (opens in new tab), too. So, in quick-fire form, here's the run-down of what you'll be playing with on your PS3 or Xbox 360in a few months' time.

Decision engine
The game now features a 35-point decision engine which enables AI players to make multiple decisions and reactions in real time. Players are now aware of their surroundings and will make their choices based on them.

Air pressure
Shooting accuracy is now calculated according to a near-infinite number of different conditions (uh... like PES then), including ball-spin, pressure from defenders and player attributes. Even air pressure is said to be considered... although we'll see if we can really notice that when the game arrives.

Be a Pro
The new “Be a Pro” mode puts you in the shoes of a single player. You'll have to train in every area of your game – just as a real soccer player would – master positioning, tackling and reading the game. The FIFA series has never had anything like this before and it will be interesting to see if FIFA is fun with only one man at your control. Reminds us of an old Namco game called Libero Grande. That was... alright.

Above: It's the Milan Derby. And look - individually rendered fingers! Very nice

Justin Towell

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