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Fez Anti-Cube locations guide

Fez (opens in new tab) is one of the trickiest games to have come around in a long time. So much so that there are puzzles that requires you to decipher a totally different language. No easy feat unless you happen to know where to look.

Many of the puzzles are based on tetrominos, letters, and numbers. While there is a Rosetta Stone for the tetrominos and the actions they correlate to (which can be found in the area two to the left of the telescope), and there is Rosetta Stone which deciphers the Alphabet into the other language (which can be found in the forest just below the chest where the fox is jumping over the lazy dog); the numbers however are a matter of doing some investigative work throughout the world.

Have no fear though, as we've put together this guide to show you where and how to grab each of the 32 Anti-Cubes, that when combined with the regular Cubes will allow you to enter a special door as well as get yourself the Hexahedronaut Achievement/Trophy!

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1: Achievement/Trophy Anti-Cube

Simply follow the instructions on the Achievement/Trophy description, which is: R, R, L, R, R, L, L, L and you will get this first cube as well as some Achievements/Trophies for being so clever.

2: Village Monocle Painting Room Anti-Cube

To get the Anti-Cube in here, you’ll need to pull the triggers in the order of the little Gomezes on the wall and the side of their head that their fez is on. The order is: R, R, L, R, L, L, L, R. Enter that sequence and the Anti-Cube will appear.

3: Village Pipe Room Anti-Cube

To get this Anti-Cube, you’ll have to look at the signs on the wall; both the tetromino shapes and the symbol in the corner. The symbol is the number order that you perform the action specified by the tetromino symbol. The sequence for the Anti-Cube to appear is: UP, R, LEFT, JUMP, RIGHT, L, DOWN, R.

4: City Classroom Anti-Cube

When you have acquired 8 cubes you can then enter the door from the area just outside the starting village where there were originally 4 locked cube doors. Go through the door that was unlocked with 8 cubes, then climb up the ladders in the city area and enter the classroom near the top. Once inside, spin the room until you see the large chalkboard with the tetromino shapes. The line of shapes on the far right is the solution that you need to enter to get the Anti-Cube. It is: UP, LEFT, R, JUMP, L, RIGHT, JUMP, DOWN.

5: Large Skull Anti-Cube

When you reach the graveyard, go through the door that leads to the small area with a large skull that turns with you as you change the perspective of the world. Around the area will be 4 tombstones. Turn them all so that they are facing the same way and a door behind the skull will open leading to the Anti-Cube.

6: Treasure Chest Anti-Cube

This is one of the trickier cubes to get, although having the treasure map from the base of the lighthouse makes it much easier. Go to the area to the southeast of the main warp hub and when you reach the top of the platform with two trees and a chest, there will be another to the far right. Jump off and land on the invisible platform. When you do, hang off the right edge, and turn the perspective so that the right platform is closer. Jump off and land on the platform.

7: Line Blocks Puzzle Anti-Cube

When you reach the room to the west and north of the bell tower, the room that cannot be turned without spinning the totem, there will be a square at the top with opening in each side along with 4 blocks around the area. Simply line up the blocks with the lines around the openings to open a door below. Go through to get the cube.

8: Telescope Anti-Cube

When you reach the observatory--noted by the large telescope outside of it--enter and use the large telescope inside. When you use it, spin it and then look through the eye piece. Spin it again and look through the eye piece again. Repeat for all four sections to see the tetromino pieces in the sky--note that you can only see them at night. Enter: R, JUMP, JUMP, RIGHT, RIGHT, R, LEFT, R to get the Anti-Cube.

9: 6 Block Tetromino Puzzle Anti-Cube

Below and to the left of the telescope hub, there is a room with a stone slab that shows 10 different block formations. To solve this puzzle, you’ll need to arrange the blocks in the fashion that isn’t shown. They are basically three on the top row and three on the bottom row, with the middle blocks overlapping. When you get it, the Anti-Cube will appear.

10: Green Sewer Tuning Fork Anti-Cube

When in the green part of the sewer, open the locked door with a key and enter the small room. Hop up the pipes to reach the top and there will be a tuning fork there. Feel the vibrations through the controller and the sequence will be: L, L, L, R, L, R, L, R. Enter that series and the Anti-Cube will appear.

11: Throne Rooms Anti-Cube

Locate the door near the middle of the town and it will take you to a room with a large throne. There is also another throne room in a room off of the main hub near the telescope. If you look at the walls directly across from each throne, you will see a line of tetromino symbols on them. Put the two lines of symbols together and you will get the code of: R, R, L, R, R, R, L, L, R, L, L, L, R, L, R, L. Enter it and the Anti-Cube will appear.

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