Fast & Furious game release date "uncertain" after Fast 9 delay

The May 2020 release date for Fast & Furious Crossroads is now an "uncertain" thing, developer Codemasters have announced.

Crossroads is a new "team-based, vehicular-heist action game" set in the Fast & Furious universe, with Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, and Tyrese Gibson reprising their roles as Dom, Letty, and Roman. It's officially still set to release in May, but with the recent delay of Fast 9 to April 2021, it sounds like we should start expecting a similar push for Fast & Furious crossroads.

"While not directly tied to the film, news and updates pertaining to the Fast & Furious Crossroads Game will be shared once they become available. The development team at Slightly Mad Studios and Codemasters will continue to finalise [Crossroads] as planned," Codemasters said in a statement.

The developer says a more concrete answer on Crossroads' release schedule will be announced following talks with Bandai Namco. From the language in Codemasters' statement, it's sounding less like a question if Fast & Furious Crossroads and more how long it'll be delayed.

After all, the coronavirus pandemic has now led to the cancellation of E3 2020, The Batman, The Witcher, and Loki halting production, Netflix taking a break from most of their live-action productions, and plenty more delays in movies, TV, and video games. If Fast & Furious Crossroads needs to be delayed to keep employees and their families safe, I'm happy to wait.

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Jordan Gerblick

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