Faris joining Mama's Boy Heder

After latching himself onto the rom-com raft via Reese Witherspoon’s Just Like Heaven, it’s good to see Jon Heder leaping back into the clear depths of goofball comedy where he belongs.

As we’ve already told you, JH has scribbled to star in Mama’s Boy, the story of a thirty-something slacker who still lives with his mum (Diane Keaton). But when mum falls head over heels for a motivational speaker (Jeff Daniels), Mama’s Boy’s entire existence comes under threat.

Scribbling on the dotted line to join the cast is Scary Movie 4 screamer Anna Faris. Faris will play Heder’s love interest, a singer/ songwriter.

First-time feature helmer Tim Hamilton will be in the chair, working from a script by Hank Nelken - the man behind Jason Biggs and Jack Black starrer, Saving Silverman.

Shooting is slated to start in LA in June.