Far Cry Vengeance clip laps up

Thursday 9 November 2006
Wii's launch is now so close that across the globe you can almost hear the sound of nylon sleeping bags hitting cold pavements, and so we've got some smart new footage of one of the slickest looking games set to reward those chilled but dedicated gamers: Far Cry Vengeance.

Showing off the mixture of flicks and buttons required to pull off any move from driving to sniping, stabbing to sneaking, this clip also reveals just how easily Jack Carver turns his newly found feral skills to his own deadly advantage. For all it takes is a twist of the wrist for our hero to claw, gore and gouge his way through this tropical paradise. Witness it by checking the movies tab for the trailer.

Above: Nunchuck steering leaves a hand free for you to blast away with the Wii-mote shooting system

And while this little selection of jungle footage might not quite match the lushness of the PC original, you can console yourself that the kit required to play it is sleek and petite, not water-cooled and in danger of blacking out half of Derbyshire each time you turn it on.

But add a multiplayer mode that includes maps not seen on its sibling, Xbox's Far Cry Instincts Evolution, plus a whole new set of weapons and vehicles, and Vengeance looks certain to be worth getting your cold paws on this December.