How to earn Circuit Boards quickly in Far Cry New Dawn

When the United States’ entire technological infrastructure falls apart in the wake of nuclear warfare, the humble Circuit Board suddenly becomes one of humanity’s most prized resources, at least according the to in-game economy of Far Cry New Dawn. You’ll need to find Far Cry New Dawn Circuit Boards across the ravages of Hope County to craft some of the best weapons and vehicles in the game, but they ain’t easy to come by. 

In fact, you might not even know how to get Far Cry New Dawn’s Circuit Boards until the point at which you need them the most, when crafting high-tier weapons are a must for taking down elite Highwaymen during the late stages of the game. With that in mind, we’ve laid out a breakdown of every way to collect Circuit Boards in Far Cry New Dawn, and how much completing each activity will net you. 

  • Trade a Monstrous Bison Skin - 10 Circuit Boards
  • Trade a Monstrous Cougar Skin - 10 Circuit Boards
  • Complete a 0 Star Expedition - 15 Circuit Boards
  • Complete a 1 Star Expedition - 20 Circuit Boards
  • Complete a 2 Star Expedition - 25 Circuit Boards
  • Complete a 3 Star Expedition - 25 Circuit Boards

The best and fastest way to collecting Circuit Boards, as the list shows, is by completing Expeditions. You can go on an Expedition by upgrading the Expeditions Facility at Homebase to Tier 1 for 75 Ethanol (check out our guide to collecting Far Cry New Dawn Ethanol for more about that), and speaking to the pilot at Prosperity before opening your Journal. Each Expedition has four tiers of difficulty, which you’ll progressively unlock access to as you play through their respective star ratings from zero to three, and completing harder tiers results in a larger quantity of Circuit Board rewards. 

If you’d prefer to hunt and trade animal skins for Circuit Boards instead, you can find Monstrous Bison in the central region of the map, just North West of the The Refinery Outpost, while Monstrous Cougars are located in the hills to the North of Prosperity, but be warned. These Elite beasts are a challenge to take down, so make sure you’re a high enough level and have brought one of your Far Cry New Dawn best Guns for Hire to guarantee a successful hunt. You can then trade these Skins for 10 Circuit Boards a piece at any Workstation from a Liberated Outpost, or back at Prosperity. 

You’ll need Circuit Boards to craft almost any Third Tier or Elite Tier weapons, alongside a bunch of other crafting materials, so it’s a good idea to start thinking about the Circuit Board ground when you’re just under halfway through Far Cry New Dawn’s story. These weapons crafting requirements range from around 5 to 25 Circuit Boards each, with Elite Tier firearms costing the most. To make every weapon, then, you’ll need around 200 Circuit Boards in total. In other words, you best start heading out on those Expeditions right away, Captain. 

Watch our Far Cry New Dawn tips video below, and if you want more guidance on what to do in the pink apocalypse check out our full suite of guides below that.

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