Far Cry 6 has third-person cutscenes so you can see how your hero fits into the revolution

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Far Cry 6 (opens in new tab) is doing something the series hasn't done since the first Far Cry, all in the name of making you feel like you're part of the revolution.

Narrative director Navid Khavari said in a recent interview with Game Rant (opens in new tab) that Far Cry 6 will include prominent third-person cutscenes, featuring full performance capture and voice acting for your main character Dani/Danny Rojas. Since Far Cry 2, every game in the series has placed you almost exclusively in the main character's noggin, from standard gameplay to cinematic moments, and Khavari explained why this was the right time to buck that trend.

"When we went and looked and did our research, when you’re looking at a guerrilla revolution, it’s so personal," Khavari said. "To be so swept up in that, you need to feel it and understand where that character came from, and what brought them to be pushed so far that they have to pick up a rifle and actually fight. It came from a story point of view. I think what’s exciting for us is that you’re going to be able to see Dani in the third person, in cinematics and other elements of the game, and during that it became almost a necessity to have a fully voiced and performance captured character."

The Far Cry 6 protagonist - who you can choose to play as either a man or woman - was born and raised in the capital city we see in the trailer. They dropped out of the military and "didn't want anything to do with the revolution", but something happens that makes them join the fight. Since this is Far Cry we're talking about, how you approach that fight will be, in many ways, up to you.

"I think what was important to us was the idea that you can approach the story and the world from any angle. We have a massive open world. We’re talking about a country with a capital city, which is a first for the brand. And it was very important for us, in terms of how you approach the story, if you wanted to start on one part of the island, or you wanted to start on the other side of the island, the story would adapt to how you approach it."

It sounds like you'll be able to decide the fate of Far Cry 6's villain, played by Giancarlo Esposito (opens in new tab).

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