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Fantastic Four franchise most definitely staying at Fox

Yesterday saw the rumour mill work itself into overdrive at the prospect of Fantastic Four returning to Marvel, with several stories doing the rounds that a deal had been struck with Fox to bring Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, the Invisible Woman and the Human Torch back to their home studio. However, it seems that everyone might have been getting excited over nothing...

The original rumour suggested that the Fantastic Four rights had been horse-traded in exchange for Fox’s two new X-Men TV shows, Legion and Hellfire. However, the studio has today moved to dismiss said claims, stating that rumours of any such trade are "completely untrue". Marvel has also issued a denial, just to make things absolutely crystal clear.

Looks like the Fantastic Four are staying put then. Just what Fox plans to do with them following the train-wreck of their most recent big-screen outing remains to be seen, but for the time being at least, Marvel won’t be able to try and do any better.

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