Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer review

The Fantastic Four honor the time honored tradition of mediocre movie-to-game ports

GamesRadar+ Verdict


  • +

    Unlocking additional powers

  • +

    Playing as any of the Four

  • +

    A large cast of villains


  • -

    Repetitive combat

  • -

    Rooms that look the same

  • -

    Not much replayability

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If you were expecting to just get a bland reproduction of the new Fantastic Four movie repackaged into a quick game port, you were wrong. The game takes plot elements from the movie, but also a heavy helping from the comic series, to weave a story chucked full of Fantastic Four nemeses. Everyone from the Skrull to Terrax to, dum, dum, dummmm:the Silver Surfer makes an appearance. But instead of feeling like a star-packed, universe encompassing rumble, it just feels like more stuff for The Thing to smash.

You'll begin the game in an underground Skrull stronghold, and after playing for about 15 minutes you'll have a full understanding of Skrull architectural theory: build a hallway, line it with various boxes, make sure to use plenty of guards, lock all the impermeable doors with nearby computer consoles and repeat.This would be okay, except the Skrull caves stretch on into hours of monotonous gameplay. Once you escape the caves, strangely, everyone from the military to ancient Tibetan monks happen to use the same principles of base design.

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DescriptionThere's got to be some still-unused joke about this crappy action game being less than "fantastic," but the game's just too lukewarm to inspire one.
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