Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

There%26rsquo;s something troubling about superhero teams. To us, the term superhero denotes an extraordinary lone wolf with enough dazzling abilities to banish evil alone, so surely the fact that he needs three buddies to thwart ne%26rsquo;er-do-wells suggests there are underwhelming powers in the mix. While it takes only one Spider-Man to bring down Green Goblin, it takes four, er, Fantastic Fours to bring down Dr. Doom, meaning they are each, in effect, one-quarter of the hero Spider-Man is. That, or Green Goblin is a big wuss.

Without one central awesome being for the comic book world to revolve around, anyone dabbling with the Fantastic Four franchise has always needed to conjure up villainous scenarios that conveniently call upon all four power groups represented by the blue Lycra sporting family - namely stretchy limbs, fiery flight, invisibility and being a big orange rock thing. Not an easy task, as demonstrated by the dire 2005 film and game tie-in, which butchered the formula horribly by splitting up the family for large amounts of time and horribly signposting when each character would be of use.