Fans think a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game is on the way thanks to new website

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Pokemon fans think a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game could be on the way thanks to a new website dedicated to Pokemon Day.

As spotted by ComicBook, a datamine of the new Pokemon Together website - which seems to be gearing up for Pokemon Day on February 27 - has potentially revealed a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game is in the works. 

As shared by Twitter user, and Universo Nintendo editor-in-chief, @necrolipe, it looks like the new website mentions developer Spike Chunsoft in its code, the studio behind the previous Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. 

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Although there's no guarantee that this means anything, it wouldn't be too surprising if we did get a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-related announcement during the Pokemon Day festivities, especially since just last year Nintendo actually asked fans if they want a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game

If this does turn out to be the case though, we're keeping our fingers crossed for a new Super Mario Odyssey game in the near future as Nintendo also recently asked fans a series of questions about the game via email several years after it was released.

Other than a potential Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game, the new website doesn't give us very much to go off of. There's already speculation about what could be announced - if anything - during the Pokemon Day celebrations though, with some fans hoping that Nintendo will re-release the classic Game Boy/GBA games, such as Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, via Nintendo Switch Online. 

While we wait to find out about any new Pokemon games, find out what's definitely on the way with our upcoming Switch games list. 

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