Fan-made Skyrim trailer created with Team Fortress 2

If you thought the official Skyrim trailers looked good, you were right. But what's also good are fan-made Skyrim trailers, and even better are fan-made Skyrim trailers built in Team Fortress 2. As a special project that only took a couple of months and half-a-dozen hardworking actors, Armago24X (and his friends) put together an homage to Bethesda's upcoming Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Check it out below:

If you aren't sure where that music and narration are from, you must have missed the reveal trailer last February. The TF2 audio is ripped straight from the original, so for maximum awesomeness, try closing the curtains, dimming the lights, and running both videos simultaneously (you may have to run them in separate windows).

It's true that we've already had some hands-on time with Skyrim, but that was before we learned that anyone equipped with a copy of TF2 and the power of imagination could do the same. Maybe it's not worth waiting till November 11 to play the final build of Skyrim when a Dragonborn (heavy in a viking helmet) can battle the god Alduin manifested in the world as an invincible dragon (pyro in a mask) just by buying a few accessories in Steam's online store and loading up 2Fort. Then again, we might give Skyrim a chance — it did take Bethesda five years to develop, so it seems only fair to fire it up once.

Sep 16, 2011