Fallout TV Show co-writer teases future seasons, saying “there’s piles of stuff we want to do”

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Fallout TV show co-writer Graham Wagner says there's plenty of more things they want to do with the show – meaning the likelihood of more seasons is high.

"There’s piles and piles of stuff we want to do," Wagner tells SFX magazine in the new issue, which features Star Trek: Discovery season 5 on the cover. "We wanted to slow our roll and not do it all in eight episodes, because we’re talking about thousands of hours of gameplay."

The action-drama, based on the wildly popular video game franchise of the same name, takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of Los Angeles that has been ravaged by nuclear war. Ella Purnell plays Lucy, a Vault Dweller who is forced to go to the surface for the very first time after disaster strikes.

Amazon's Fallout was created by Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner and developed by Westword creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan. The cast includes Walton Goggins, Mike Doyle, Xelia Mendes-Jondes, Aaron Moten, Johnny Pemberton, Zach Cherry, Moises Arias, and Kyle MacLachlan.

"Fallout, in a lot of ways, is about who gets to rebuild the world, what faction and what society gets to rebuild society, because then it’ll be their society," Wagner continues. "We think that the theme of family is pretty organic to that because the most fundamental building block of society is family. We’re hoping that it feels like those themes are organic to the story we’re telling."

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Fallout releases on April 11, 2024. The above is just a snippet from our interview, available in the latest issue of SFX magazine, which features Star Trek: Discovery season 5 on the cover and is available on newsstands from Wednesday, March 20. 

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