Fallout 76 devs discuss Locked & Loaded update including new CAMP slots, daily ops, and more

Fallout 76
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Fallout 76 Locked & Loaded is a major update dropping April 27 that will increase CAMP slots, add new daily ops, and much more. Bethesda's design director, Mark Tucker, discussed all that players can look forward to in Locked & Loaded in a recent PlayStation blog post.

First, Fallout 76 Season 4 will kick off, bringing Armor Ace back to a new Cold Steel game board, where he'll team up with other Power Patrol teammates. A new season also means new content, including Power Armor skins, weapon skins, workshop items, and consumable rewards. "My personal favorites from the upcoming Season are the Commander Chaos Power Armor skin and the Breath of Death flamethrower skin," says Tucker. Take notes.

Since you may want to horde all the new goodies, it's a good thing Locked & Loaded is giving players an extra CAMP slot. You'll be able to set up a new base of operations, hangout space, or whatever kinda vibe you're looking for that's totally separate from your original CAMP. "No one needs to worry about how they get an extra slot. Everyone will get an additional C.A.M.P. slot when the Update goes live, for a total of two C.A.M.P.s!" says Tucker.

Fallout 76 will also be getting a feature players have been asking for since the game launched: SPECIAL loadouts. These will let players save their preferred Perks and SPECIAL stat allocation so they can easily choose the right character build for activities and challenges. "Initially, we looked at making just Perk loadouts but the more we played with that design, the more we realized it fell short on providing players with the ability to truly change builds. So, we expanded the design to also allow players to not only change their Perks, but also their SPECIAL points – this allows players to not only change the things they are good at (Perks), but also the 'DNA' of who their character is (SPECIAL stats), which directly influences what they are good at," explains Tucker. 

The Locked & Loaded update will also include several new locations and mutators in the Daily Ops rotation, including Vault 96, the Watoga Raider Area, and West Tek Research Center. There's also a new Daily Ops game mode called Decryption, which will task you with facing off against enemies buffed with the Savage Strike mutation. "Decryption encourages players to take out enemies before they can attack you," explains Tucker. "Basically, it embraces sneak builds and stealthy play styles. If you are more of a 'run and gun’-type player, you might find this mode a bit more challenging."

This is just the first of several updates coming in the Fallout 76 2021 roadmap, which will also include a new Legendary tier and an evolution to Private Worlds. 

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