Watch Fallout 4's E3 trailers broken out in HD, with no interruptions

Remember about a month ago, when Bethesda showed off those wicked Fallout 4 gameplay videos at its E3 stage show and at the Microsoft press conference? Now you can finally watch the two most exciting parts broken out on their own, in high quality, with nobody talking over them (no offense, Todd Howard).

The first video is taken from the Microsoft conference, following the Sole Survivor as he exits Vault 111, meets up with his robot butler, forms an adventuring party with a dog, and clears out a town full of raiders with some Power Armor and a minigun. The second one is a supercut of wacky/hyper-violent vignettes from Bethesda's conference the night before, set to that catchy "Atom Bomb Baby" doo-wop number by The Five Stars.

Even if you already saw the videos in their respective conferences, these new versions are a lot better for rewinding and analyzing frame by frame. Believe me.

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Connor Sheridan

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