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Fallout 4 Bobblehead locations guide


For the more shifty of survivors, this bobblehead is a must - making you 10% harder to detect.

Head to Dunwich Borers to the east side of the map.

You'll find the entrance to the quarry down some steps to the northeast.

It's ever-so-slightly hidden behind a wall.

Simply follow the path downwards. The miniboss Bedlam is waiting at the bottom of the stairs at Station 3.

Beyond the chained door, the place is filled with ghouls. Flipping the circuit breakers to turn on the lights will help in getting the drop on them.

Push ahead, through thearea shrouded in mist.

Very shortly you'll come to a T-junction with a metal staircase on the left and a circuit breaker on the right.

Follow the path to the right and flip the switch to lighten up your surroundings.

Along the right hand wall is the Station 4 Terminal.

The bobblehead is on the table next to it.

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