Fall Guys season 4 release date: Here's when you can start falling through 4041

The Fall Guys season 4 release date has been revealed, and you only have a week to wait before you can travel to the far-flung future of the bean Olympics.

A new trailer shared by Mediatonic and Sony confirms that the Fall Guys season 4 release date will land on March 22, a week after it was announced. The trailer follows a solitary Falling Guy as it falls into the anomalous pink goo at the bottom of the stage, then wakes up in the year 4041. Competing endlessly for the crown is still pretty much the whole thing everybody does in 4041, but now there are inverted gravity fields and lasers and stuff. Oh, and it ends with a direct nod to Among Us? We'll have to wait and see if that's just a friendly gesture between multiplayer phenomena or if it's a teaser for something more down the line.

On top of teasing some of the new mechanics coming in the next season (we previously got a good look at the pinball-bumper-styled Flippity Bippities) the trailer also shows off a ton of new costumes presumably coming along with it. Want to cosplay as a robot or an alien? Cool. What kind?

Now that we know when the next season is coming, you still have time to make the most of the  current one. Mediatonic has enabled double Fame Points from this point to the beginning of Fall Guys season 4 - make sure you get some games in if you want to collect more seasonal rewards.

Epic Games now owns Mediatonic, so we'll have to keep an eye out for more cross-franchise collaborations. 

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