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Fake Trailer Helps Serbian Anime Get Hollywood Makeover

Animated SF flick Technotise is getting a live-action, big screen remake thanks to help from Minority Report and Children Of Men

A Serbian animated SF movie called Technotise is going to get a live action, big screen Hollywood makeover, thanks to fake trailer cobbled together from clips of other films.

According to The Hollywood Reporter ’s Heat Vision Blog , Legendary Films has picked up the rights to Technotise: Edit And I , which is set in Belgrade in the year 2074, and features a failing art student gets a chip implanted inside her to improve her grades, but she gets more than she bargained for. The script will be written by Laeta Kalogridis, who worked on Avatar , Shutter Island and the in-development Ghost In The Shell live action movie.

Pivotal in getting a deal was a fake trailer hat made its way onto YouTube. Having been tipped off about Technotise’s potential for a Hollywood remake, producers Scott Glassgold and Raymond Brothers snapped up the rights, then became inspired by a fake trailer for Green Lantern made by Texas-based media director Jaron Pitts, which used clips of Nathan Fillion and other movies to convey an action-packed film, and generated more than two million YouTube views. Glassgold and Brothers hired Pitts to perform the same magic for Technotise, which he did using clips of Milla Jovovich combined with footage from such movies as Minority Report , Children of Men and Avatar . The trailer went viral in February, generating interest in the live-action remake.

This sounds like a cool new craze to us. Could you produce a great trailer for, let’s say, a live action Battle Of The Planets from clips of other movies and a couple of insert of your mates in silly costumes? Now there’s a challenge for you…

For more inspiration, here's that Green Lantern trailer…