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Microsoft reveals Fable Legends release date in incredibly nonchalant way

UPDATE: All of this was a mistake, this isn't a release date, Microsoft is sorry.

ORIGINAL STORY: Well, that's one way to reveal the release date for one of your biggest intellectual properties. Microsoft and Xbox have quietly (and maybe non-purposefully) let slip the Fable Legends release date as part of its San Diego Comic-Con 2015 recap video. Among the short video's highlights, you can spy "Available October 13" starting at 1:50. See for yourself:

Fable Legends twists the typically single-player fantasy RPG experience into a 4v1 affair, with four players taking the role of characters from the Fable universe and one player as the evil villain throwing minions and traps at the hapless heroes. The free-to-play game will hit Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One this fall ... apparently.

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Sam Prell
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