Well, someone made up a Fable Legends release date

Cast your mind, way, way back to about 12 hours ago. Remember when it seemed like Microsoft had accidentally revealed the Fable Legends release date? They didn't - someone, somewhere just made it up. In response to the story, the game's director, David Eckelberry, took to NeoGAFto refute the claims: "No idea where they got this date. We don't have an announced day of release yet, not even internally..."

A further statement from a Microsoft spokesperson backs him up, and makes it seem as though the true release will be closer to Christmas: "We look forward to opening the world of ‘Fable Legends’ to players this holiday, but don’t have anything more to share on specific release timing. The date listed in the San Diego Comic-Con Xbox recap video was incorrect and we apologize for any confusion.”

So what do we reckon happened? A reused video template? Corporate sabotage? The most unlucky and incredible case of someone falling asleep on their keyboard and mashing all the buttons? The mystery starts now.

Joe Skrebels
Joe first fell in love with games when a copy of The Lion King on SNES became his stepfather in 1994. When the cartridge left his mother in 2001, he turned to his priest - a limited edition crystal Xbox - for guidance. And now he's here.