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Fable III to include adoption, allowing gay characters to raise children

Gamers have been able to create gay lovers in Fable since the series first launched six years ago. But now, for the first time, gay couples in the gamewill alsobe able to raise children without being required to partake in the sort of intercourse they aren't interested in.

Above: We suggest adopting this kid from his scary parentsfirst, if just to get him a better haircut

The formula in the open-ended RPG has been pretty standard from day one. Two people are allowed to form a relationship, and the game has no mechanism in it to distinguish who can and can not hook up with one another, regardless of gender.

However, since it obviouslymakes biological sense, the games haveonly allowed women to have children, so having a child in the games required heterosexual intercourse.

In Fable III, however, a brand new option will be available - adoption, which willallow players to fulfill the same experience of raising a family without the requirement of a male-female relationship.

"You can be gay. You can be bisexual. You can get married as many times as you like. It's up to you," said Peter Molyneuxin anABC Newspiece on the subject. "My fascination is with what that means to people. It means they can be who they are rather than who I require them to be."

The industry group International Game Developers Association has a committee focused on advancing lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender representation in games. The chairman of that committee, Jeb Havens, said as games become more open-ended and give players more options, the possibilities are favorable.

"I think the formula that's working for the big publishers who have LGBT content is that it's an option if the player consciously seeks it out," she said.

Sounds great to us. Butwe do wonder how long it'll be until someone in the media starts a frenzy about Fable III indoctrinating children with the "gay agenda."One... two...

[Source:ABC News]

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